Dear members of the Fishers Town Council –

Have you read Senate Bill 0114, it has a very simple title “Annexation.” The reason I want to make sure you read it is because you may want to delay your vote on the Geist Annexation. You see the Bill has the following statement in it “Prohibits a municipality from adopting an annexation ordinance, other than an ordinance petitioned for by landowners, after January 1, 2008, and before July 1, 2008.”

So if this Bill passes, any action you take is null and void. It will mean all that money you spend on legal fees and fighting the remonstration will go down the drain. Are you ready to answer to the Fisher’s Tax Payers about that loss, if it happens?

If it doesn’t pass you lose another six months before we in Geist start the remonstration effort, which we will win anyway, and then you can answer to the tax payers on the overall million-dollar loss.

You know by now you should have figured out, this is going to cost you lot of money and get a lot of people mad at you, people who won’t forget, if you want to run for any other office outside of Fishers. Look we even got a Bill in the Senate to stop Annexation.

Dear Citizens of Fishers

Your Town Council is so mad at the people of Geist and that they want nothing to do with them they can’t even see straight anymore. Isn’t time you let them know enough is enough. Just look at it this way, how would you all feel if Indy announced effective next month you no longer live in Fishers you are now part of Indy and your property taxes are going up 20%. I think all of you would fight for your community and is exactly what the people who live in Geist are doing.

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