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ROI Search Group Provides a One-Stop-Shop for Recruitment, Career Transition & Training

Writer / Christy Heitger-Ewing
Photographer / Robby Berry

ROI Search GroupFour years ago, Stacey McCreery organically built ROI Search Group (ROISG), a local, women-owned recruitment and executive search firm offering permanent placement, contract services, outplacement and career services, and training. She had no problem choosing a name for her company.

“I wanted people to know when you do business with us, there will always be a return on your investment,” says McCreery, who started the firm after working for a decade as a hiring manager at a large academic health system. Having been in the shoes of hiring managers, she knew their struggles firsthand.

“Recruiters are a dime a dozen,” says McCreery, President. “What makes us unique is that we’ve spent time on the other side.”

When clients ask for help in locating just the right candidate, the ROISG team is proactive in finding the best individual for each position.

“We do 100% passive recruitment, meaning we go out and find that person rather than waiting for people to apply,” McCreery says. “We find passive candidates who are qualified for that role and follow-up with a unique process to help determine if they are a good match.”

This is why since the firm’s inception they have only had a 1% turnover in all of their placements.

When they reach out to candidates, they get to know the person.

“People want you to care about them before you pitch a job,” McCreery says. “Strong communication leads to really good outcomes when you listen to people and understand what’s important to them.”

At ROISG, it’s not just about checking a box.

“We’re not just going to check a box when the person doesn’t meet any of your criteria,” McCreery says. It’s important candidates meet 100% of the requirements of the position they are being recruited for.”

For instance, if a company is seeking a Ph.D. candidate with ample experience, ROISG will find somebody 100% qualified, plus have the diversity representing that community. Last year, they placed 49% diverse candidates. While that’s nothing new for ROI Search Group, McCreery emphasizes how important it is to represent the communities served.

“If you have a Burmese population, for instance, you need to have representation of that population in the candidates you supply to the client  McCreery adds.

Over the past four years, the company has continued to expand its services as clients’ needs have grown. Their services include providing a 360 solution with regard to Permanent Placement, Executive search (for specialized searches or VP and above), Contract Services (with a specialization in Revenue Cycle and IT, Epic & Cerner, Software Development, and Coding), Outplacement & Career Transition Services (for organizations and individuals), and, new to their offerings, Customized Training Programs with some that are grant-funded.

During the pandemic, when people were stuck at home making sourdough bread and assembling 1,000-piece puzzles, McCreery was building a training program. Despite the ominous uncertainty that plagued society, McCreery had hopes we would get to the other side. When we did, however, she knew companies would be struggling to find talent.

ROI Search GroupAs a result, ROISG is holding monthly training sessions through March 2022 with 100 seats in each session. The 40-hour training program implementing best practices and is fully funded by Indiana’s NextLevel Training Grant at no cost to organizations. The training program, called “Professional Development for Team Members and Leaders: Best Practices for Budgeting & Human Capital,” includes topics such as Performance Management, Recruiting Styles & Techniques, Retention & Turnover, Revenue Cycle Management, Financial Budgets, Managing Organizational Change, Using Social Media for Recruitment, Communication, Conflict, Crucial Conversations, Diversity & Inclusion in the Workforce, and more.

McCreery took the training a step further by applying for state accreditation and is the 80th school to be accredited.

“I was over the moon to get that accreditation,” McCreery says. “It validated that this is exactly where we should be in helping organizations in that 360 approach of being that one-stop-shop.”

Not only can organizations eliminate the need to go to multiple vendors but also they can use the grant to get 40 hours of training covered, then be reimbursed for it all. Companies can send 10 employees to the training but also get recordings.

Having the recordings to reference is great as attendees have a tendency to get overwhelmed in training and only retain 25% of what they heard. This allows them to revisit the training at a later date or when they are at a different stage in their career.

McCreery encourages sharing the information with colleagues in their organization as she encourages training. She’s all about paying it forward.

“If you pass this on, we can have a big ripple effect,” she says.

ROI Search GroupIt’s crucial that companies train and retain their staff because talent is in high demand right now.

“If you don’t train your own staff and you lose them, it’ll make things harder for your organization,” says McCreery, who has found that people love escaping work for a week to get training that takes them to the next level in their career.

“That’s what our whole company is about,” McCreery says. “We’re ready to help companies with whatever they need: recruiting, training and outplacement.”

In the past four years, they have recruited in 18 states, which is rather remarkable. Plus, by the close of 2020, they had looked at a total of 29,000 candidates (more since then). We have built this company organically from the ground up, and we are proud to be here doing this work right here in Fishers.

“Where we’ve been and where we’re going is very exciting,” McCreery adds.

ROI Search Group is located at 14074 Trade Center Drive, Suite 1400 in Fishers. For more information, call 317-588-8138 or visit them online at

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