Just what we need a bigger Town Hall

This mornings “The Fishers Star” lead article is about Fishers expanding the municipal complex. Of course this is not going to be cheap, nothing the Town Council does is cheap. Just look at the current Town Hall, 28,000 square feet of space but only 11,000 is usable office space. Now they are going to add another 18,945 square feet, I wonder how much of that is going to be usable space. I started to get a feel for it when I read that they are going to have a new entry with a “light spire that would glow at night.” It goes on to say “a walking area and gathering spaces.” OK how many of you are going to go to Town Hall to walk? To gather? Then they are going to built an amphitheater – they already have a very big council chamber. OK, so what does that leave us a couple of hundred square feet for more offices. Now I was under the impression they needed office space. Once again the Town Council is building an empire to themselves and doing nothing for the citizens or city employees.

To the tax paying citizens of Fishers, isn’t it time to stop this wasteful Town Council from spending your money.

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