Fishers Moms Group Provides Forum for Local Moms to Share Advice & Create Friendships

Photographer: Kerch Creative

All moms of children of all ages can use an ally, even if they don’t realize it. That’s what Fishers Moms Group, a Facebook forum for Fishers Moms, is all about.

Founder Melissa Haller set up the Facebook group discussion forum almost five years ago to provide a place where Fishers moms could come to for support when they need advice or recommendations on a variety of topics.

Amy Nobbe took over as the group’s administrator for Melissa in 2017 when she moved out of state.

“The Facebook group has been a really safe place to come and share feelings or seek advice,” Nobbe says. “We only have two rules for the group. We ask that everyone be nice and respectful towards each other and their opinions, and no soliciting.”

Eighty percent of the discussion posts are moms looking for recommendations or asking for advice on not only parenting topics but tips on running the household, improving their marriage, sharing medical experiences, recommendations for restaurants, pediatricians or date night activities. But the Fishers Moms Group has provided a forum for new residents too.

“We get a lot of questions from people about schools in the area and neighborhoods because there are always new families moving into the area or are in the process of it,” Nobbe says. “The group provides valuable information to those families. Getting advice about the area from current residents has helped them make their transition more smoothly.”

But the forum quickly grew into a place where people could make connections and friendships, too.

“Lots of moms really wanted a friendship that was more than just online,” Nobbe adds. “So, we started having Girls/Moms Nights Out dinners, play dates, 5K signups, winery tours and other activities. It’s great to be able to connect in person. I’ve made some really great friendships by attending some of the events.”

Since it started in 2014, the group has grown to almost 3,100 members, and Nobbe receives more than 100 new member requests each week.

“It’s a great group,” she says. “These moms are in all stages of life. We have new moms all the way through grandmothers. Wherever you are in motherhood, chances are, there’s someone in the group who’s been through it.”

Besides providing support and fostering friendships, Nobbe would like to see the group become involved in even more things in the Fishers community.

I’d love to try and get the group involved in more community outreach type programs like volunteer work and fundraising,” she says. “We are such a huge group and I know we could do a lot of good for the community.”

To join this group of cool moms, visit the group’s Facebook page by searching “Fishers Moms Group” and click “join.” As soon as your membership is approved, you’ll be able to see all the posts, advice and the latest happenings and events with the group.

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