It’s common when looking at buying a house to put a basement on the top of the ‘must have list’.  So you built or bought a house with a basement, but it’s unfinished or not finished to suit your needs or style, now what?  Keep reading and I’ll share some great tips I learned by visiting four local businesses that can solve your basement woes, and have you relaxing in your new space before the end of football season.

Dreaming of Basement Remodel 2Show me the money First, let’s talk about money.  We’ve all been inspired by HGTV, Pintrest or even a neighbor’s house but most of those inspirations take money.  I haven’t found a nursery yet in Fishers that sells the elusive ‘money tree’ so I went searching for the next best thing, a private banker.  Courtney Lloyd, a private banker with STAR Financial, shared with me how she can offer homeowners solutions to their financial needs for a remodel or redesign project. Especially for those who need complicated repairs in their basement like a Soft Story Retrofit or something that prevents other damages like basement waterproofing, but if you want to do these projects to make sure your basement is well protected from damages then it is recommended that you hire professionals like expert waterproofing services.

The most important first step in any project is to calculate your budget. Courtney advised, “Many banks have moved away from unsecured lending so it’s important to determine what assets you have that can be used as collateral for a loan. It’s also critical to be prepared to furnish bank statements, investment account statements, mortgage statements, pay stubs, tax returns and other financial information. The more information you present the more efficient and timely a lending institution can be in providing a credit decision.” Typically, banks will use an individual’s credit score and debt-to-income ratio. “Recently, appraisal values have also played a significant role in the decision-making process for home improvement lending,” Courtney explained.

The benefits of working with STAR Financial for your financial needs reach beyond Courtney’s expert advice and superb customer service. She added, “At STAR, we have financed home improvement projects through a wide variety of methods including but not limited to; home equity loans, home equity lines of credit, investment account secured loans, and in some cases unsecured loans.”

Paint the town red…or not? A basement improvement project can take on many forms.  Projects may start from scratch with concrete walls and floors and leave a blank canvas for shaping your own space.  Other basements are fully finished but need a refresh or redesign to give your space an updated look. For example, basements don’t have the most outlets and wiring. Therefore, some choose to install additional ones via experts like this electrician in Turlock, CA or Tesla Electric Company.

Dreaming of Basement Remodel 3Local Sherwin Williams Store Manager Ted McLendon offered tips and tricks for selecting the best paint and color for your purpose.  His store at 12680 E. 116th St., east of Brooks School Rd., is always busy with contractors, designers, and homeowners in search of paint and supplies.  The staff is well-prepared to assist you in finding inspiration within the store’s selection of over 1500 colors.

When selecting a color for your basement remodel, which could be helmed by services like Long Island basement remodeling, be mindful of the lighting in your space.  Since basements generally do not have much natural light, be sure to test colors in the space you will be painting.  Consider the type of mood you would like to set in your space.

The Sherwin Williams ColorSnap app for smartphones is a great way to begin your exploration for color inspiration.  Current color trends are rich, adventurous colors inspired by tones in nature.  Heavily saturated, watery colors are big sellers.  English ivy colors are also gaining popularity.  Customers are also showing a lot of interest in classic grays.

After you’ve selected your color, it’s time to select the sheen of paint.  Ted shared his insight for selecting the right type of paint for your space. “The ‘best’ type of paint will be the one that most closely matches the subjective needs of the room being painted,” he said. “Higher sheen paints tend to offer more durability. However, it’s important to consider that the more sheen a paint has, the more it reflects light.  Reflection of light can often reveal imperfections in drywall or plaster that can be unsightly.  Duller sheen paints tend to offer less durability, but diffuse light, thereby hiding imperfections and giving a softer, supple appearance to your walls,” Ted explained.

Todd WenticoHit the floor and give me engineered hardwood? You’ve moved on to the flooring stage of your remodel and you are ready to wrap up the project and start enjoying your new space.  Don’t rush this important stage.  Todd Wentico, owner of Wentico and Company, suggests looking at flooring as a long term investment. “Select your flooring based on what you like, durability, and price. Too many people focus only on the price of a product when they are selecting flooring,” Todd explained. There are many options for basement flooring, but Todd suggests choosing a good quality-engineered floor because it is more resistant to higher moisture levels found in basements in Indiana. If you’re in the Manchester area, exploring resin floors Manchester could be a worthwhile option, offering a perfect blend of style, durability, and practicality for your basement space.

Because basements are now becoming part of overall living space, it’s important to select flooring that you like and want to see every day.  If carpet is your choice, Todd recommends a tightly bound commercial grade with a good pad.  His experience with restoration after flooding leaves him leaning toward hard surfaces because carpet is sometimes more difficult to salvage after water damage.

Wentico and Company specializes in flooring, refinishing of hardwoods, ceramic tile, remodeling, carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, mold remediation, and power washing.  As the owner, Todd is present on every job.  He will talk to you and help walk you through the flooring selection process.  What’s unique about Wentico and Company?  Instead of a brick and mortar store, Todd and his local team bring samples to you.  It’s important for homeowners to see the product for several days in various lighting at various times of the day and decide whether or not they can live with that selection,” he said.

Dreaming of Basement Remodel - Waire GroupWAIRE do I turn to for more help? Where do you turn for more design help on a remodel, to finish a basement, or build a new space? The WAIRE Group is the perfect solution to all of your design and building needs. Owners Charlie and Angie Watson boast more than 20 years of experience in residential construction and design.

I sat down and talked to Angie about key factors in a basement remodel.  “It’s important to assess what services are needed for each client.  Some clients just need a little direction or design assistance but already have ideas in their mind of what they would like to accomplish.  Other clients are in need of a full design-build project.  At the WAIRE Group, we will help put together a plan on a budget that works for each client.”

The WAIRE Group offers services that include residential building, remodeling, and restoration.  Check out the testimonials on their website at and see why this Fishers-based family-owned company is the perfect choice for all of your design and building needs.

Angie advises all homeowners embarking on a remodel to find the Best remodeling contractor in st paul Mn. and make sure you receive the estimates in writing to protect yourself from future added costs. “Unfortunately, there are contractors who cut corners or don’t follow codes.  We have been called in to ‘fix’ issues that have been left by other contractors,” she shared.  “It’s important that contractors be knowledgeable on building codes to ensure safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction!”  By hiring The WAIRE Group, the homeowner is taken out of the position of ‘bad guy’.  The WAIRE Group works with proven contractors who provide excellent service.  Angie guaranteed, “We pride ourselves on doing the work the way we would have it done in our own home.”

I’m Inspired! A remodel, redesign, or makeover of any space can be a big undertaking.  It’s particularly important when designing your basement space to consider how your space will be used. For example, a basement with a window well could benefit from a window well cover installation for added protection from the elements without blocking sunlight, which is extra valuable for a basement. There might be other details that are not exactly small that could you could have overlooked. Take the time to plan your project and make the best selections for your family. Put down this article, head downstairs to the basement, and look around.

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