Let’s All Live Healthier Together

Clear Zones are Healthier Places to Eat, Learn, Play & Live in Fishers

Writer / Christy Heitger-Ewing
Photographer / Walker Photography

Clear ZonesWhen you walk into a restaurant, your office, or your child’s daycare, you assume (or maybe just hope) that it’s clean. Wouldn’t it be nice to know for sure? Now, more than ever, people want proof of cleanliness in the environments they enter. Thanks to Clear Zones, providing that proof is possible.

Certified Clear Zones are businesses that prioritize the well-being of their customers and employees above all else by implementing advanced cleaning processes. Clear Zones aren’t associated with a specific cleaning company. Rather, they have the product, protocol and proof of cleanliness that gives their customers the peace of mind they deserve.

Clear Zones are cleaned with MonoFoil, a unique disinfectant and antimicrobial that’s 100% safe for people and animals. The MonoFoil product was developed 13 years ago by Clear Zones business partners Brent Engelman and Nate Richardson.

What makes MonoFoil unique is its application and 24-hour germ-repellent nature. A disinfectant like Lysol or Clorox kills germs on contact, but the moment it’s dry, the surface gets re-contaminated by someone’s cough, sneeze, or touch. Because MonoFoil is a disinfectant and antimicrobial, it keeps protecting for up to 24 hours.

“It’s the antimicrobial piece that provides the durability. Yes, it disinfects, but as soon as our product dries, it creates a physical barrier on the surface,” Engelman says. “You can’t see, feel, or smell it, but that active barrier is what keeps the surface cleaner longer.”

Another problem that MonoFoil solves? Surface destruction. If you’ve ever been in a restaurant and your menu or your elbows stuck to the table, that’s because harsh chemical cleaners ate away the surface.

Chemical cleaners like Lysol and Clorox don’t just destroy germs, but also the surfaces they’re supposed to protect. MonoFoil, on the other hand, is safe for all surfaces and it won’t make anything sticky.

And Clear Zones isn’t just about the MonoFoil product, either. Every business that becomes a Clear Zone gets a customized cleaning protocol designed for their space and the way they do business.

Maintaining a higher standard of clean becomes much easier, and so does proving it. Every Clear Zone earns the Registered Clear Zone Badge that they display to show that their space is cleaner and safer. Customers can look for the Badge, and know that those are the spaces where they want to be.

Clear ZonesAs a local company, Clear Zones has selected Fishers as its first test market. Any business can become a Clear Zone, including local restaurants, gyms, schools and daycares, healthcare and dental offices, wellness facilities, apartment communities, office buildings, municipalities and more.

Engelman and Richardson’s ultimate goal for Clear Zones is to create a vibrant community where people can eat, learn, play and live healthier. For businesses, becoming a Clear Zone is a three-step process.

Start by applying to become a Clear Zone. Second, receive your welcome kit, which includes your custom cleaning protocol and MonoFoil product. Third, follow the protocol and display your Registered Clear Zone Badge on your windows, website and on social media. Getting the word out lets customers know your space is clean and protected.

As a customer, it’s easy to find Clear Zones. Just look for the Registered Clear Zones Badge at all your favorite places. Scan the QR code to learn more about Clear Zones and how they’re making it possible to live healthier together.

“We are not a one-niche type of solution,” Engelman says. “Any place where people eat, work, learn, play and live should be a Clear Zone so that they can have the cleanest environment possible.”

For more information, visit clearzones.com.

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