ChiroCLARITY the New Regenerative Therapy

Photos by Robby Berry


ChiroCLARITY is a technique specializing in Regenerative Red Light Therapy for:

1. Chronic Pain Management

2. Neuropathy Pain

3. Autoimmune Disease

4. Post Covid Syndrome

5. Degenerative Spine Pain

6. Weight Loss Management

Do you suffer from any of these problems? Are you looking for a natural solution without drugs or surgery? Are you looking for some hope and clarity for which way to go?

Dr. Trond Seland, a Chiropractor with more than 30 years of experience in health care, and who has treated thousands of patients for chronic pain, severe spine and disc pain, offers a program for health and healing. Combining the chiropractic spinal correction protocols developed at Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center with the Power of Summus Medical Lasers and two types of medical-grade red light therapy at Nauticus Wellness Center,  the staff at Seland help more people find clarity, hope and healing for their chronic pain and health concerns. Dr. Seland calls this technique ChiroCLARITY” or Chiropractic Laser-Assisted Regenerative Therapy.”

Regenerative therapies are becoming more common as people are looking for natural ways to regain and restore their health, without drugs or surgery. Lasers and red light therapies are leading the way in health restoration. The doctor-supervised ChiroCLARITY systems at Nauticus Wellness Center are cutting-edge and the newest regenerative medicine program available.

Combining Dr. Selands experience in advanced spinal care with futuristic regenerative red light therapies, the doctors at Seland Chiropractic and Nauticus Wellness Center provide natural healing and regenerative medicine concepts previously unavailable in the Hamilton County area. 


The key is in your mitochondria. Your mitochondria are the Power House” of your cells. You are only as healthy as your cells are healthy. Unfortunately, many people are sick and struggling with their health because they are weak and toxic at the cellular level. That is where the beauty of ChiroCLARITY comes in. Your healing begins at the cellular level. Its not a superficial palliative treatment. You can also try to check online and have a really good quality mitochondrial supplement.

Patients are given a thorough health and spinal exam to discover where the foundational problems are with their body. Some patients are toxic and overweight, requiring a detox and weight-loss program. Some patients have a metabolism that is running too slow, or their cells arent functioning well at the mitochondrial level. This is where the regenerative powers of red light therapy really make a difference because our cells and our mitochondria are preprogrammed to respond to the special wavelengths of light provided in their medical-grade red light therapy suites and Summus Medical Lasers. Many patients find improvement on the very first session of laser and red light therapy!

Maybe it’s time you try something different for your chronic pain. Maybe you are struggling with an autoimmune issue such as Lymes Disease or post-COVID weakness. Maybe your back and legs hurt with neuropathy and you need a new approach to restoring your health. Maybe you need to lose the winter weight you put on after Christmas. We can help!

Call us at 317-598-1410 and ask for a consult with Dr. Seland at Nauticus Wellness Center, where you can get clarity, hope and direction for your health and wellness! 

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