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Going away on a vacation brings the typical worries like, “What if my mail stop didn’t go through?” or “With the heatwave, here’s hoping our air conditioning didn’t conk out.” For Kevin and Shellie Giles, however, they were presented with a nightmare upon returning home from their September camping trip when they pulled into their driveway and saw that their roof had been stripped of all its shingles, at this moment I knew that this was going to be a long process starting with removing all the old shingles, a quick softwash roof cleaning, and many more things to do around the house. If you want a roof lantern suitable for a contemporary setting, then this roof lantern near me can handle the installation of modern made-to-measure flat roof lanterns that suit your requirements perfectly.

The couple asked around and their neighbors confirmed that, yes, they had seen a crew atop their house early one weekday morning, tearing off shingles. Soon thereafter, they jumped into their cars and left. It seems a roofing company mistook the Giles house for the home they were supposed to work on and when they realized their error, they fled, neglecting to right their wrong.

The Giles posted the incident to social media in hopes that someone could help lead them to the culprit. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but a local news channel chose to cover the story, which caught the attention of Dustin Rees, Vice President of SPG Roofing & Restoration, a Johnson County-based roofing company.

“I saw their story the morning of Wednesday, September 11 and knew storms were supposed to roll in on Friday,” Rees says. “I talked to Brady Clements, the president of our company, to see if he’d be okay with me taking a crew to the Giles home to make it watertight before the storms came.”

Timing was tricky because once a policyholder reports an issue to their insurance company, the homeowner is obligated to mitigate any further damage in order to receive the money. Rees and his crew of seven men went out the following day to the Giles home. Once they met Kevin and Shellie in person, they decided to just go ahead and replace the entire roof for free. They provided the labor, the synthetic felt, all of the accessories, the underlayments, the ventilation, the pipe boots, nails, everything.

According to Rees, this type of situation is actually more commonplace than one might think — especially in a situation where, say, hail hits a whole neighborhood and there are shingles sitting on everyone’s driveway.

“I’ve seen deliveries go to the wrong house and then the crew puts on the wrong roof and they don’t know until it’s too late,” Rees says. “Now, what’s not common is fleeing the scene. If we messed up, we would have replaced the roof for free.”

Rees and Clements agreed that it would be great to engage in this act of kindness because the company has had a great year, economically and wanted to pay it forward.

“Honestly, we’ve been extremely blessed this year, having done multiple projects,” Rees says. “This just felt like something we were drawn to do.”

Initially, when SPG Roofing offered to put on the shingles, free of charge, Giles declined.

“I wasn’t looking for charity,” he says. However, when the offer was extended a second time, he chose to accept the generosity.

“That was really nice of them,” Kevin says. “I kept repeating, ‘This is amazing, unbelievable.’ For someone to just step up, it was really kind of crazy.”

Adds Shellie, “It was like a dream.”

Though insurance would have covered the roof under a vandalism claim, the couple had a $2,000 deductible and since just two weeks prior they had purchased a used car for their teenage daughter, they had few funds left over for a new roof. When it comes to roofing, it’s crucial to rely on expert flat roofing contractors to ensuring durability and reliability.

This isn’t the first time SPG Roofing has stepped in to help someone. Last year, they assisted a 90-year-old woman who was at battle with her insurance company.

“She was trying to get a reverse mortgage and the insurance company was treating her terribly,” Rees says. “If there was ever a time to give someone a break, this was it, but they refused to help so we stepped in.”

Though the folks at SPG Roofing & Restoration didn’t seek any recognition for what they did, Kevin and Shellie appreciate the company for their honesty, integrity, workmanship and kindness.

“They went above and beyond — seven guys working one long 10-hour day,” Kevin says. “In fact, they had the roof on before my insurance company even got here!” If you’re looking for more options on which roofing contractor to hire, you can also try Carolina Home Specialists.

If you live in Atlanta or nearby and you’re looking for a quality roofing company, you can find out roof replacement costs in Atlanta to learn more.

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