Center Grove High School Fishing Club Reeling In New Members

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The Center Grove High School Fishing Club is looking for a few good fishermen.

Since the club started in 2014 it has grown steadily, but they are always looking to reel in new members. Kyle Gale, a sophomore at Center Grove High School, says the club varies in size each school year but usually has between 30-40 members.

“During the last school year, we had over 40 members, which was great,” Gale says. “We had higher level fishing teams in the club, and we were able to compete in some great tournaments with other high schools. We would like to get even more new people this year. We want to get more people involved in a fun club.”   

Gale, a co-president of the club, noted one team in the club finished third in the state high school championship.

“We meet on a monthly basis, and it’s a great way to meet new friends,” Gale says. “The club has been getting more popular, and kids have been getting into it more.”

The club has prizes available at every meeting, and tournament prizes provided by their sponsors, which include Honey Creek Tackle, Berkley and Favorite Fishing Rods.

Austin Watson, a sophomore at Center Grove High School, says the club welcomes both beginners and long-time fishermen.

“It’s a good way to meet new friends and get into fishing, which is fun and a great way to relax,” Watson says. “We fish in six to eight Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society (B.A.S.S.) and Fishing League Worldwide (FLW) events a year.”

Watson, the other co-president of the club, says the members fish in both ponds and lakes.

“Ray Skillman, the car dealership owner, has let us use his ponds on his property to fish for tournaments,” Watson says. “We also go to different places, and we enjoy the lake tournaments. It’s always good to fish on a larger body of water.”

Watson enjoys fishing at various venues where he can find more fish and boost his luck.

“I like it when the club goes to Lake Wawasee and Brookville,” Watson says. “I think being able to visit the different fishing places has helped us get more kids to join the club.”

He has already been fielding questions from potential fishing club members for the new school year.

“There has been some interest from the incoming freshmen to join,” Watson says. “It’s been nice to talk to other kids who enjoy fishing as much as I do.”

Watson adds that the fishing club gives out fun quizzes at the meetings to test members’ fishing knowledge, with the prizes going to members with the top scores. Joining the club also gives members the chance to enjoy the great outdoors.

“Fishing is a great way to appreciate nature,” Watson says. “You are out in the fresh air, and you can get away for a while. It also teaches you how to be more patient.”

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