Michelle Marocco Creating the Unexpected in Carmel

Writer / Lisa Mitchell
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michelle-marocco-michelleteslaUnexpected. That’s the word that first comes to mind when entering the Marocco Jewelry & Fine Art showroom in Carmel. Their designs let people know they are in for a truly unique encounter – from diamonds on exotic leather and hand-cast bronze and silver elements artfully paired with rare gems to one-of-a-kind pieces that have been infused with the artist’s energy through the act of hand-creating each piece.

All are beautiful pieces of art, or as Michelle Marocco, the artist who gave life to the pieces, may say, they are “pieces of her spirit that have manifested on canvas.” Each work has its own energy, a story played out by paint, wax and other mediums finding their way to create a visual experience that she shares her soul through. Her style is as varied as her artistic interests. Pieces range from Tuscan landscapes to abstract works and every other style in between that feels right to her at the time. She’s not limited to or focused on one particular style of painting, and that makes for a beautiful and diverse body of work.

Michelle describes her painting process as a conversation between herself and the canvas. She says, “First, I tell the painting what I want it to do, and then the conversation begins with the painting guiding and directing me into what it wants to do and ultimately become.” It’s a push and pull, a tension, and it seldom ends up leading where she thinks it will.

michelle-marocco-1Marocco has been painting professionally for over 20 years with her passion for jewelry design emerging as another creative outlet eight years ago when she launched her business. It was a natural progression to include jewelry design as part of her artistic process.

Marocco says, “I see designing jewelry as simply working with another type of canvas.” This explains the truly unique style of her pieces, many being one-of-a-kind creations that offer her clients something completely different than they can find anywhere else. She goes on to say, “I’m inspired by nature, different textures, conversations … inspiration can really come from anything, but the result is a new collection every time I sit down to create. The designs are constantly evolving, and that’s what keeps it exciting to me.”

That uniqueness, along with the handcrafted element that directly connects Michelle’s energy to each of her creations, has built Marocco a loyal and enthusiastic following. Collectors and retail partners from around the world are always eagerly awaiting the reveal of her next design.

Marocco can often be found in Aspen, Telluride, Los Angeles and New York, showing her latest custom creations and connecting with clients on a truly personal level. The personal relationship she has with her clients feeds her soul.

She understands that for many of her clients, it’s not just about buying another piece of jewelry or a painting; it’s about celebrating a milestone, finding the perfect gift for a loved one or investing in a piece that will be a cherished addition to their collection. She feels blessed and honored to be invited into those experiences. Marocco explains, “Connecting with my clients and being part of these moments, that’s really where the magic is in what I do. Those are the experiences that continue to inspire me to create.”

Marocco will be hosting a showroom event in her Carmel studio in November to unveil her newest designs and help her clients get a jump on their holiday gift list. Marocco will also be making personal appearances at several retail partner stores including Kemo Sabe in Aspen, Gold Mountain Gallery in Telluride, Leighs in Grand Rapids and SHE boutique in Bloomfield Hills. She’ll also be a featured designer in an art gallery pop up shop event in New York City. Items from the Marocco jewelry collection can be found locally at Moyer Fine Jewelry, Kirles Jewelers, Ah Collection and The Yoga Studio among others.

The Marocco Jewelry and Fine Art collection is available for viewing by appointment at her Carmel Studio by calling 317-575-9895, or you can view her work at michellemarocco.com or by following her on Instagram @mmmarocco.


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