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PaverPaver Rescue is helping homeowners “Love Their Patio Again.”

“We take old broken or dirty pavers and make them look like new again,” says Robert Frankel, General Manager. Paver Rescue specializes in the repair, restoration and maintenance of pavers and concrete used in outdoor living spaces such as patios, walkways and driveways. Time and Mother Nature can take a toll on these surfaces and Paver Rescue can bring back the original luster and color of your beautifully designed installations through cleaning, re-sanding and sealing.

Paver Rescue was founded in 2011 by hardscape installation specialists that recognized the need for professional services to repair and maintain existing paver and concrete surfaces.

“Our trained, certified professional team recommends the best possible solution to achieve a superior outcome,” Frankel says. “Our process eliminates unwanted yearly maintenance and protects your investment, allowing clients to enjoy their outdoor space year after year.”

The complete Paver Rescue process is performed in four steps. Step one is to make any repairs fixing any broken, cracked or settled pavers. Step two is a thorough cleaning of the surface using a high-pressured sprayer with heated water and necessary chemical cleaners reducing dirt and grime build-up on the paver surface. Step three is a re-sanding of the entire surface filling in any joints for stability eliminating any gaps that may trap dirt and debris. Step four is the application of the appropriate crack sealing sealant tailored to your particular surface, effectively preventing water infiltration and further damage, ensuring the long-term integrity of the pavement surface.

Paver“Clients are proud of their investment when we are done and become the envy of their neighbors,” Frankel adds. “A significant number of our projects come from word-of-mouth from our client’s neighbors.”

Many weekend warriors may not realize that they could be doing more harm than good if they attempt to clean paver surfaces with a power washer. Using too much pressure and inappropriate cleaning solution can cause permanent damage to the surface leaving the pavers exposed and highly susceptible to the elements, the result of which is dirty, dull, chipped and cracked pavers. This damage can detract from the beauty of the installation and adversely impact the value of their investment.

A highly successful component of the Paver Rescue business is its annual maintenance program known as Pete’s Service Program. This membership program extends annual cleaning and inspection services to the members and extends a stated discount on services not covered by the program. This provides members peace of mind knowing that their outdoor investment will be properly maintained for their outdoor enjoyment.

Frankel says the team at Paver Rescue lives by its motto: “We won’t rest until every paver is repaired, cleaned and sealed.”

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