6 Essential Tips For Parents At Home With Kiddos During COVID-19

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Most of us are finding an unlimited amount of time on our hands during these fairly uncertain times. While it can be a stressful time for many of us, especially parents, we will all get through it and have memories to last a lifetime. Let’s hope that these few survival tips can cut down on stress and also bring a few more smiles into your life while we all stay safe at home.

1. Disney+
If you don’t have it, sign up now. It’s super affordable and gives you access to the entire Disney movie library, which you are going to need because the days are very, very long and screen time rules flew out the window weeks ago. Old movies are fun to share with your kids so maybe try to get them to sit down and watch Swiss Family Robinson (a personal fave yet I still can’t get my child to watch the whole thing) or hunker down and watch all the Star Wars one after another or have a Marvel movie marathon. If you can’t choose what Marvel movie to watch, you can go to and see the list of the best Marvel movies and their ranks.

2. Chalk
Time to start hoarding sidewalk chalk. As the weather begins to show more signs of spring, more people will be out walking soon and with limited paths available during this time, why not sass up the walkways with some art. The best thing about chalk though is that it can go so many different directions…get creative! Draw up inspiring messages, create something giant that takes over entire driveways or cul-de-sacs, make up extra-large game boards, or even create art galleries!  The possibilities are endless and remember, adults can have fun with chalk too. And, if you have a ton of chalk, share with your neighbors by leaving a piece on their doorstep and ask them to get in on the fun too!

3. Participate in a Challenge
There are lots of social media and viral challenges out there and while I’m not a huge tech fan, the social aspect of it has given way to some really creative things happening. Maybe do a lip sync challenge video with your entire family, try the garage door challenge (if you are needing a drink and a great laugh), or participate in the plank or push up challenge. You can even come up with your own challenge if you are really feeling creative! Whatever you choose, make sure to nominate another family to try it after you do!

4. One-on-One Time
With us all having quite a few extra moments hanging at our homes these days, we are typically all up in each other’s business. But now is the time to make sure to carve out a little one-on-one time with your loved ones if you can. About 15 minutes here and there can go a long way. Spend it snuggling in the morning before rolling out of bed if you have early risers, playing a video game, or going on a walk. It’s also important to keep in mind that as adults you might need to find some alone time too. It feels like there are really no breaks during this crazy time, so no judgment if that is time spent hiding in the bathroom.

5. Talent Shows
We all have hidden talents, like knowing the entire rap portion of TLC’s Waterfalls song or spinning a basketball on our finger for way longer than normal. Whatever your hidden talent, it’s time to let that cat out of the bag and show off your skills! Gather your immediate family and each share your talents one by one in the living room or make it a family challenge and invite other families and friends to participate in a virtual event! By utilizing the amazing social tools out there like FaceTime or Zoom, the possibilities are endless!

6. Wine Delivery
You are gonna need it. Pick a local winery and you will probably be happily surprised to find out they are delivering during this time! While I don’t encourage drinking in excess, the days can be really quite emotionally draining and a cocktail hour once a week (or every day – you choose) isn’t going to hurt anyone! There are also quite a few Mexican restaurants selling their non-alcoholic margarita mix on their takeout menus now too. Who doesn’t need a Margarita Monday (or Tuesday & Wednesday too)?  It’s ok, we get it. We also buy non-alcoholic beverages from After this, we’ll all be drinking Ina Garten style, and if you don’t know what this is referring to, Google it.

Remember, this is a special time we’ve been given to slow down and reconnect. Make sure to take it all in. Stay in bed a little longer, try to read that book you’ve been meaning to finish or try a new recipe you’ve been meaning to make. Whatever you do, make sure to check in on friends and family, especially those who are stuck home during this time alone. Some of you were maybe meant for these moments, but for others, this is a real challenge. Thankfully, we are able to still stay connected with technology.

Whatever you do to get through this time staying safe at home, cherish it. Remember this too shall pass.

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