The Yoga Studio Sets Their Intentions for the New Year

Writer / Kara Reibel

The end of a year provides closure on the past 12 months, perhaps briefly reflecting on what was. The next step is to shift your focus on what will be, or what you want there to be, with the new year.

A resolution of sorts is internally decided at the beginning of each yoga class when you “set your intention” for your class by bringing your hands to your heart center. Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise. It combines the physical, mental and spiritual into a practice. Breathing is key to a successful yoga experience. Read this informative post about Yogic Breathing and When to Use it.

“The Ujjayi (Oo-j-eye) breathing is the most important part,” shares Karen Fox, owner of The Yoga Studio.

The beginning of January is filled with transformative energy. And with a new year, come new beginnings. It is one of the best times to let go of what is no longer serving us, reinforced by the collective energy of change around the Jan. 1 holiday. “Surrender” is a common word spoken by instructors when in Child’s Pose during a class.

“The beginning of the New Year is about surrendering those things that we no longer need, it is about letting go,” shares Fox. “But you can let go and surrender any time, daily if possible.”

Many of The Yoga Studio classes taught are free-flowing, which may not be for everyone. The Yoga Studio clientele certainly enjoy it.

“A free-flowing class structure opens up more freedom for the body, allowing this openness makes everyone feel better,” states Fox.

Fox feels that it is easy to commit to a practice like yoga. “Yoga is cleansing to your body in the same way we practice self-care by taking showers and brushing our teeth, people don’t want to miss that part of their day. Dedication to the yoga practice, consistency with time of day, all add up to a healthier person.”

Yoga – as with most exercises – the more you do it, the better you feel. The style of teaching practiced at The Yoga Studio is all about finding your edge without hurting yourself. It isn’t easy, every class is a challenge but the teachers talk you through it. For first time yogis, the slow flow is a recommended place to start.

“We are about moving your body every day and keeping it fun with variety,” says Fox. “Consistency with the time of day is important, too.” She explains that if someone is used to exercising in the morning, then that may be their optimal time and to stick with that, or if evening is better, Fox recommends keeping the dedication consistent.

Fox is certainly dedicated to not only her yoga practice, but to spreading yoga to schools. “With all of the stress and anxiety that kids experience, they should be doing yoga daily to help release the build up.” states Fox. So she and a couple other yogis, founded Indy Yoga Movement.

The Indy Yoga Movement brings yoga, free of charge, into schools. The support for the program grew exponentially. The demand, however, far exceeds their capabilities. “Yoga is needed in schools. Period. Students thrive with having a stress-relieving means that is healthy for their bodies and minds,” said Fox.

The program also brings yoga to students that have never tried it before. “I believe having yoga at Warren Central is a great idea. I’ve never practiced yoga before and after the yoga practice, my mind is clear. Yoga is great,” shares Warren Central High School student Clifton Jett, Jr.

“Zionsville High School, Broad Ripple, Sand Creek Intermediate in the HSE district, there are so many schools already benefiting from yoga, and many more that need it,” says Fox of her community-focused mission with Indy Yoga Movement. Immediately upon instructing yoga in schools, the positive reinforcement was there.

On Jan. 25, a fundraiser will be held at the Arts Center in Broad Ripple to benefit Indy Yoga Movement. Special yogi guest and author, David Romanelli, will be in attendance to celebrate the expansion of the Indy Yoga Movement.

To find out how you can help and for more information, please visit, to create your intention and surrender in a class, please go to

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