Cereset Brings Innovative Brain Balance Technology to Carmel

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Several years ago, Brenda Hanning and her family were struggling. Her middle school-aged son was dealing with behavior problems, school anxiety and panic attacks. Despite psychiatric treatment and prescribed medication, he was unable to sleep and consequently neither could Hanning. After two difficult years, she learned about Cereset, a noninvasive technology that relaxes stress and trauma patterns in the brain. Both Hanning and her son traveled to Chicago and tried the therapy. The results were so spectacular, she felt compelled to bring it to her community and she became a licensed provider.

“A month after his sessions, he was back in the land of the living,” Hanning says. “He was able to go back to school and do the work of learning coping skills through therapy. During those worrisome years with my son’s struggles, my family and friends were very loving and supportive. However, I still felt very stressed and isolated with my heartbreak and worry.

“I decided to have sessions,” she adds. “A few weeks afterward, I was sleeping all night, my energy was improving, and I wasn’t carrying a constant feeling of angst. I clearly remember driving during a bright beautiful day and a feeling of bliss came over me. It was a feeling of gratitude that I hadn’t been able to be in touch with for a few years.”

Hanning went from being a provider to owning a franchise, which enables her to stay up to date with the newest technology Cereset offers. The wellness company is dedicated to helping people achieve restful and restorative sleep through a patented BrainEcho technology. The name Cereset comes from a combination of the words Cerebrum and reset. Documented research found on the company’s website supports the results Cereset promotes.

When asked who could benefit from Cereset, Hanning answers, “It’s hard to imagine there being someone who couldn’t benefit from Cereset to some degree since 75% of Americans say they suffer from some form of stress, and there are an estimated 54% of the population who do not sleep well. More specifically, we work with anyone including military, stressed out moms, high-powered CEOs, athletes experiencing the lingering effects of concussions, and even actresses.”

The goal of Cereset is to reset the brain’s natural balance between the left and right hemispheres. During times of stress, a side can get stuck into a fight or flight mode or even frozen into a state of inertness and unable to focus or feel joy. An individual’s natural brain rhythms are recorded and converted into musical tones. The tones are played back so the brain can hear itself in real-time, thus enabling it to relax and reset back into balance. 동탄출장안마 is also a good option to relieve stress.

Since Cereset is not a medical procedure, it is not covered by health insurance. However, most health savings accounts (HSA) have approved wellness modalities and Cereset is an expense that those funds can be used for. Currently, Cereset is running an introductory special for $99 so individuals can see what the experience is like. A Wellness Package is $2,200 and includes five in-house sessions and an at-home headband.

“I believe that Cereset is the absolute best thing in the world to help people sleep and, by association, assist them in achieving their highest potential, health and wellness,” Hanning says.

Cereset is located at 160 West Carmel Drive in Carmel. Sessions are by appointment only. You can call 317-922-7588 or visit them online at cereset.com for more information.

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