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Warm weather may decide to show up one day. When that time comes, we may want to get out and travel. Some people just toss a few clothes in a suitcase, put a hold on their mail, lock the doors and head out. For those of us with pets, it’s a bit more complicated. Do we take our furry friends with us, or do we find someone to watch them?Pet

Let’s explore the first option. What do you need to take with you?

For amazing dogs and cats similar to this silver Maine Coon cat, leashes and collars/harnesses are essential. A crate or carrier is a must. Cats will also need a litter box.

My cat like these seal point ragdolls here loves to travel, but she also likes to leave a very fragrant present for me not long after we get on the road. Once that deed is done, she is content to snuggle on a soft blanket and watch the world go by.

Meals and Snacks

Are you bringing a bag of your pet’s food? Will you buy along the way or when you get to your destination? My pup likes to share my food. Often when I swing through the drive-though I will get a kids meal for her. There are advantages to this. She eats when I eat, so I don’t have to make an extra stop to feed her. The downside is the outgassing that can occur. Sometimes it’s better to take the time for a proper lunch/stretch break.

Toys and Blankets

Just like us, pets get bored when they are cooped up for long periods of time. Have a few toys and chews to keep them from going crazy. Their favorite blanket helps them feel safe and reminds of them home. Visit a Heated Dog House Marketplace to find pet houses and accessories that will keep your dog comfortable at home or while on a vacation.

Travel Time

The distance you travel will determine what you need to bring. A two-hour trip won’t require much. A seven-day trip will require a few more supplies.


How are you traveling? By car, motorcycle, taxi, plane or ship? Your mode of transportation will determine what room you have for supplies. I knew a guy who ordered a special carrier for his ferret so they could go on motorcycle rides together. The carrier had an extra compartment for supplies. If you’re considering air travel, companies like Halo Jet offer convenient options for private jet leasing, ensuring both comfort and space for your essentials.

Does your pet like to travel? Not all birds – or dogs or cats, for that matter – are like Tweety bird, who will happily sing in his cage no matter where he is. If your pet doesn’t like the road, sea or air, it might be best to leave them at home.


Where will you be staying – a tent, travel trailer, friend or relative’s house, or hotel? Whatever your accommodations, confirm and reconfirm that your non-human travel companions are welcome and allowed at your final destination, and overnight stops along the way.

Now that we have gathered all our supplies and have our housing arranged, what are we going to do with our pets once we arrive?

Will they be content to wait at the temporary house while you go out for the day? Keep in mind that not all hotels want pets staying unattended all day. Will they join you on your daily adventures? Make sure you add a few critter items to your backpack – food, water, bowl, treats – before you start your exploring each day.

If you decide not to take your pet – your goldfish might be happier staying at home – where will they spend their time?

You can have a friend, neighbor or professional pet sitter swing by the house every day to check on your critters. This is a great option for pets who are most comfortable in their own home.

The second option is to board your non-human pals. Many vet clinics offer boarding for current clients. You can find a variety of dog boarding facilities and short term dog lodging around town. Some only take dogs, while others accept other animals. If you decide to board your furry, feathered or finned family members, visit the facility before you drop them off. Ask questions about daily routines and the knowledge of the staff. If you aren’t allowed to tour the boarding area, you might want to consider another place.

Pet Some kennels are simple and practical in providing your pet’s necessities. Others offer extra services like daily play groups or walks. Curbside Clips in Roachdale offers home-away-from-home boarding. Visiting pets have their own apartment attached to the main house. The apartment includes a living room with a couch and TV, a dog-sized door that opens to a fenced yard, and a bedroom with soft blankets.

If your pet isn’t quite ready for a summer adventure, reach out to a professional trainer to help with socialization and manners. T&D Forever Home Training offers some expert advice for humans and pets.

Whatever you decide to do this summer, remember that time spent with your pet will create the best memories.

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