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Happy family relaxing on couch at home

A Look Back on the Home Trends of 2020

Writer / Claire-Anne Aikman

Reflecting on the year that was 2020 drove me to dive into what the top home trend predictions were for the year as noted in February 2020 by the likes of HGTV, DWELL, and others.

Trends that made me chuckle were:  Spanish Style Bathrooms, using Chartreuse as a main color (envision pea soup and you have your color), garden rooms, vintage furniture with a French flair, armchairs with fringe (this also serves as a never-ending cat toy) – actually fringe was to be everywhere; ottomans, curtains, mirrors, and pom-poms – apparently everyone needed pom-poms in their lives. One of my favorite predictions was that home trends were getting smaller yet closets were getting bigger (let’s make more room for stuff but less room for living…not sure of the logic in that).

Through all of the wonderful people I helped Sell and Buy homes in 2020, I did not see any homes where these trends were incorporated, and I must say, for that I am thankful! Naturally, the writers of those articles could not have predicted the challenges that 2020 brought us all but it still makes one wonder where these ideas generate from and how they take off to become a demand item. Built-in seating was a predicted item that I was happy to see – I like it because it is efficient, charming, and a space saver. Also predicted, and noticed throughout the area; cushy furniture (but really, this is an item that year over year holds true because, who doesn’t love a great couch to plop on after a long day?)

What dominated the trend landscape in our area were clever ways to reorganize and/or use every inch of space in homes. Pantries were revamped with bins and jars and became organized and colorful spaces to please the eyes. Kitchens were brightened up with white and grey paints and highlighted with plants – so many plants! Living rooms showcased a comfier vibe. And the bedrooms; so many were converted into multi-purpose spaces combining bedrooms with study spaces and work out rooms too. It was all because change was forced upon us and we adapted. And the end result was a home that became a super functional space that allowed each of us to hunker down and be together in ways that time has not allowed in the past.

Change, for all the cliched comments of being inevitable/the only constant, can be a plus – it really just depends on how it is embraced and the actions that follow. I like to think that at its best, when we realize we cannot make a change in a given situation but we change our environment, good changes will happen within ourselves – cheers to a fresh year full of positive change!

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