Prime Car Wash CEO Launches Marketing Company

Writer  /  Kara Kavensky
Photographer  /  Brian Brosmer

The Prime Car Wash’s concept of a high-end country club feel, was Brent Oakley’s wife, Carlie’s idea.

“She felt car washes didn’t need to be so automotive,” Brent says. “They should be built for women and professionals where people could multi task and feel like they were at a cafe. She always had people in her car, and the last thing she wanted to do was to vacuum out her car in the middle of winter.”

So Brent, along with his two partners, built a car wash designed for business professionals with women in mind.

Investing all they had into the business, their success was steady. With locations in Noblesville, Carmel, Avon and Greenwood and, later this summer, Jacksonville Florida. Prime Car Wash is doing well.

Brent and his partners, Bobby Hatfield and Chris Galloway always pushed for new ways of marketing their brand and their product. Brent turned to marketing to customers inside the business while they waited for their clean car to be completed. He wanted a way to let customers know about Prime as a company as well as different product offerings. A new company called Fuzic was born. Brent wanted to Fuse message and music together through software.

Fuzic is a SaaS (software as a service) model connecting voice talent with customer ad requests. From an app, a company can request their ad message, and within 30 minutes, the message is looped into streaming music.

“When a manager thinks of what they want to say for the day, he or she can type in the message and the request is sent out to voice talent across the country,” Brent says. “The message is recorded, filtered, cleaned and pushed out. The voice talent can record the message on their phone via the app and submit. Clients pay $129 per month for unlimited music announcements.”

Voice talent includes well-known radio personalities and TV voices that millions of people are familiar with. This professional talent is recruited from across the country, and the type of voice desired is selected by the client. In addition to recording messages and ads, companies can advertise via the same method, which keeps businesses clutter free from solicitations and fliers.

“Fuzic gives businesses the ability to control their environment,” Brent says. “Today, there is so much business owners can’t control with social media, we can control what is inside our four walls. We do it with announcements, and it makes you sound more professional than you are, bigger than you are.”

Through a friend in Florida who owns a SkyZone franchise, Tiffany McCorkle was told about Fuzic. She was asked if she knew about this new company located in Fishers. She had not and contacted Brent. After meeting with Brent, she told him, “My husband is going to be really excited about this.” Scott McCorkle, former Salesforce Cloud CEO, called Brent two days later.

“What are your plans?” That was one of the first questions Scott asked after listening to Brent’s pitch of Fuzic. “You already have 50 clients.”

Coming from the carwash business is a totally different world. Brent didn’t know what he would do to grow Fuzic other than through self-funded, slow growth. “What would you do?” Brent asked Scott.

“I would go turbo if you’d let me!” Scott said.

McCorkle is now Executive Chairman and has brought on a team for rapid growth. Fuzic is on track to employ 300 by 2019.

At print, Fuzic had 20 employees and more than 130 customers. Their offices recently moved to the Nickel Plate District.

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