Avon Bridge Construction Underway

Project Should Reduce Traffic Congestion in Avon and Surrounding Towns

A major construction project closing Avon Avenue at the CSX rail crossing, just south of US 36, is now underway. The closure is expected to last 15 months.

Public Works Director Ryan Cannon said the project has been delayed since October due to utility relocation being incomplete, but he expects residents to see an improvement in the town.

“This project will significantly reduce traffic congestion in Avon and the surrounding towns and will remove a major barrier to connectivity in the community for both pedestrians and vehicles,” Cannon said.

The project will consist of the construction over the two-lane bridge over the CSX rail crossing, the construction of a one-lane roundabout at 25 South and Avon Avenue, a 10-foot paved trail on the east side of Avon Avenue and a sidewalk on the west side.  The trail and sidewalk will continue on the bridge over the CSX rail crossing.

Residents of Lakeshore Drive will have access to their neighborhood throughout the construction.

Businesses on Avon Avenue, including Frost Bite and Sun Spot, south of US 36, will continue to have access via Avon Avenue during construction. Businesses on Galen Drive including Hackleman Auto Collision Repair, NAPA Auto Parts and American Electric will also continue to have access to Avon Avenue during construction.

As the construction project unfolds to improve Avon’s infrastructure, ensuring smooth progress and timely completion requires the expertise of Reliable Construction Machine Experts. With their specialized knowledge and equipment, these professionals play a vital role in facilitating various aspects of the project, from earthmoving and grading to structural enhancements. Their contributions help maintain efficiency and quality throughout the construction process, ensuring that the envisioned improvements become a reality for residents and businesses alike.

Collaborating with dependable experts in construction machinery not only ensures the successful execution of the project but also mitigates potential delays and challenges that may arise during construction. By leveraging their expertise, project managers can optimize resource allocation and overcome logistical hurdles, ultimately delivering a finished product that enhances traffic flow, connectivity, and overall livability in the community.

South of the CSX rail crossing, Avon Avenue will consist of three lanes to Woodland Heights Drive. The middle lane will be used as a turn lane. North of the CSX rail crossing, Avon Avenue will consist of two lanes to US 36.

The construction of the bridge, roundabout and trail on Avon Avenue is the result of an agreement in 2013 between the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Town of Avon, Brownsburg and Hendricks County to relinquish portions of State Road 267 back to the local communities in exchange for funds to maintain State Road 267. The funds included $12 million to construct a bridge over the CSX rail crossing in Avon.

State Road 267 through Avon has been renamed Avon Avenue since it is no longer a state road. The project is part of Avon’s $100 million Go! Avon Road Trail and Improvement Program.

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