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The Sixpence – Zionsville


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New Boone County Venue Brings Romance & Charm to Your Wedding Day

Writer / Renee Larr
Photography Provided

The SixpenceEvery bride wants their wedding day to be filled with romance, charm and whimsy. That’s precisely what a new wedding and event venue in Zionsville is hoping to provide. The Sixpence sits on 17 acres of rolling hills located off of U.S. 32 and State Road 421.

Zionsville resident Shelby Henry co-owns the venue with her parents, Chris and Tana Henry.

“I lived in Zionsville for all 18 years before I went off to college in West Palm Beach, Florida,” Henry says. “During those four years in Florida, I earned my bachelor’s degree. That’s also where my wedding videography and photography business took off.”

With the business based in Florida, Henry traveled to many destinations for weddings.

“In seeing all those different venues, I was able to see what worked for weddings and what didn’t work so well,” she says. “As a photographer, the aesthetic of a space is very important. Over time I picked up on little things here and there.”

That’s where the idea for The Sixpence started.

“About three years ago, my team and I started doing research and looking at the different types of wedding venues in the Zionsville area,” Henry says. “I knew I had the skill set to design a space that was not only beautiful but functional, as well.”

Henry knew she wanted to build a space with a purpose.

“A lot of times venues are renovated from what they were previously to be a wedding or event venue,” Henry says. “Sometimes that works well, and sometimes it just doesn’t. I was passionate about this space being purpose-built.”

Henry wanted to have control over a space that would provide multiple uses.

“It was so important to have our hands in all the little details,” Henry says. “I wanted to be able to create a natural flow within the space. I wanted to make sure we had a beautiful outdoor ceremony area with an equally as beautiful interior area for weddings in case of rain.”

The SixpenceThe idea of working with her parents came naturally to Shelby. Chris serves as acting general contractor, and Tana serves as co-owner.

“My dad has always been my business mentor,” Henry says. “I’ve always looked up to him in that regard. I’m grateful because I couldn’t have done this without them.”

The Sixpence property is adorned with three unique structures: The Barn, The Homestead and The Workshop.

“The Barn is the main attraction of the property,” Henry says. “The two other properties were already on the property, but we built The Barn. It’s 8,000 square feet and can accommodate 300 guests for an inside event. The interior was built with intent.”

The Homestead is an 1851 renovated farmhouse that provides overnight accommodations.

“The Homestead sleeps 10 and is perfect for overnight accommodations for the bridal party,” Henry says. “The deck includes a hot tub which is perfect for watching the sunset over the rolling hills.”

The Workshop is best described as the man cave of your dreams.

“The Workshop has a bar, darts, a pool table, a car lift and so much more,” Henry says. “It can hold up to 75 people for events such as a rehearsal dinner or a corporate event.”

Even the name The Sixpence was created with purpose and centered around a traditional wedding poem.

“The name came from the traditional bridal poem,” Henry says. “Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe. Over the years, that last line has been dropped. As the story goes, if you put a sixpence in your shoe on your wedding day, you’ll have good luck.”

Henry felt the name was a nod to classic romance.

“We like to say The Sixpence is where classic romance meets modern luxury,” Henry says. “This is a place where those two things can exist together, and guests can create a unique event.”

The SixpenceThe community of Zionsville has opened the Henry family business with open arms.

“We’ve already created vendor partners with local businesses,” Henry says. “I can’t take credit for this as much as I give credit to my parents. They’ve lived here for so long. We have such a great sense of community within my own family which has been awesome. We’ve had the opportunity to work with long-standing people in the Zionsville community. It’s been so encouraging, and we’re grateful for it.”

Since opening June 18, they have weddings scheduled through 2022.

“With opening during the COVID era, it can be scary,” Henry says. “We couldn’t have planned it this way, but so far, it’s been great. We’re currently booking weddings through the end of 2022. We plan to open our 2023 calendar this fall.”

The Sixpence is located at 4400 N. 1000 E. For more information, visit thesixpence.com.

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