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Getting Rid of Bad Habits & Moving Toward Improvement with Routine

Writer  /  Stanley Hewson

In the midst of uncertainty and with the regular disruptions of everyday life that we are all experiencing lately, one can easily fall prey to a host of bad habits.  What kind of safe guards should one actively implement to avoid pitfalls such as sleeping too much, not sleeping enough, watching too much television, eating too much unhealthy food, drinking too much, spending too much time alone, not exercising, etc.? I suggest creating a new routine.  Routines can be good or bad, depending on what they entail.  Put together a routine that is realistic, yet pushes you to move outside your comfort zone.  


Have a regular time to start and end your day. Constantly changing your sleep pattern can negatively impact your health and wellness goals.

If possible, find an accountability partner for those items in your routine that may be difficult to check off. 

Establishing a new routine is always difficult to do, but once the routine becomes commonplace, it gets easier to move through all those things that are good for us that we may not always want to do.

Many times, folks become complacent and years may go by with no change in routine.  They keep hoping for the best and can envision a greater version of themselves, but only periodically take steps to make it a reality.

Without a complete overhaul of one’s routine and a commitment to stick with the new and improved routine, which should be tailor made to help your reach your goals, failure is inevitable.  

As we near the end of 2020 and start to plan and hope for a better and brighter 2021, I challenge all of us here in Louisville to create new routines, which will better ourselves and in turn help us inspire others to do the same.

Carve out time when possible for exercise, spending quality time with the family and friends, reading, giving back in some way, learning to cook a new meal, spending time outdoors and learning to be still.  

It can take weeks or even months before a new behavior becomes automatic and habits are formed, so when you start a new routine with new things, don’t’ be discouraged when it feels like a struggle.  Keep at it and eventually, it will become easier and the fruits of your positive routine labor will start to ripen.

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