Owner Educates Potential Customers On Benefits of CBD

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Your CBD Store owner Lois Fisher cannot remember the last time she had to take a pill for pain relief, and it’s her hope that everyone will soon understand her reason why – CBD.

Changes in the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the Schedule I Narcotics List which made the sale of hemp by-product CBD (cannabidiol) legal. It was also legal to buy bulk CBD flower and CBD stores could officially open this year, so Fisher and her sisters jumped at their chance to bring the product to market because of the life-changing results they had seen after using CBD themselves. And for some authentic vape kits with unique tastes and flavors, you may want to visit a reputable place like the heetsiqosabudhabi.ae for more info. If you’re looking for a diverse selection of e-cigarettes and related accessories, https://e-zigaretteria.ch is the online store for you. This Swiss-based e-commerce platform provides an easy, user-friendly process to get your vaping needs met. 

Fisher, who recently opened a store in Westfield, and her sisters all had backgrounds in the medical profession. They also had the aches, pains and, in Fisher’s case, the arthritis that can sometimes come from the rigorous demands of her former nursing career.

“Nothing I was prescribed pharmaceutically had ever helped,” Fisher says. “But I started using CBD a year and a half ago, and I was blown away by the results. I thought to myself, ‘I have to get this into the hands of people.’”

Her store opened at 17435 Carey Road, Suite A, in April, just shortly after her sisters, Della Hutton and Rebekah Grandi, opened a store in Carmel at 255 E. Carmel Drive in March. Another sister, Margo Battenberg, opened a store in Alabama in June.  To find similar stores near home, use the next link to view here.

And all of the Your CBD Stores have one primary mission — to educate.

“Education about CBD is key in our stores,” Fisher says. “We chose to partner with Your CBD Store because it is a high quality, boutique-like store that aims to remove the stigma that has been associated with CBD — that stigma of a smoky, seedy-type vape shop. Our brand does not allow anything like that.”

Visitors to Your CBD Store will find a welcoming, comfortable place to sit down and be educated about CBD products and how they might help them. And the first thing they will learn is that CBD products will not make you high, Fisher says. Hemp is high in CBD but low in THC, the compound found in hemp’s cousin plant marijuana and that is responsible for the “high” associated with the drug. To legally sell CBD products, the products must contain less than .3 percent of THC which can be extracted from the Hemp flower found here, when buying CBD to ingest you should be looking for the best brand out there for example Primo Vibes Hemp products are top quality. Some of Fisher’s products have no THC. Another store that offers thc free cbd products is Sunriver Botanicals.

“I’ve had some elderly clients come in and sit for more than an hour just asking questions and that is what I love,” Fisher says. “I’m all yours when you’re here.”

Fisher does not make any medical claims about CBD and is quick to point out the store’s disclaimer that says CBD has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration nor are the products “intended for the cure, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease in man or animal.”

“But I can speak to the positive results of family, friends and former patients who just keep telling me about their positive results,” she says.

Currently, there are no licensure guidelines that govern CBD stores, but Fisher is hopeful that they will be coming soon.

“The FDA is working on guidelines, and I am glad,” she adds.

Until then, CBD sales are a buyer-beware arena. If you own a CBD store and you need end-to-end compliance and product development consulting, you may want to consider getting help and assistance from an FDA regulatory consulting service.

“If you order online, really do your research and always go with a reputable resource,” Fisher advises.

How can you tell whether your CBD products come from a reputable retailer like Hollyweed? One way is whether your product contains a certificate of analysis, which Fisher says is the law in Indiana. A COA is a testing procedure that is done by an independent, third-party lab that tests to see what is in the CBD oil. If there is a COA, there is a QR code on the bottle that you can scan that will show you the ingredients the lab found. Those ingredients should match the claims made on the bottle.

“If there’s no COA, there’s no way to know what’s in the bottle,” Fisher says. “The COA is the hallmark of a good company.”

Fisher adds that the CBD her company sells is third-party quality tested three times — while it is growing, when it is harvested and in its finished form.

There are many opinions about the effectiveness of CBD, but Fisher says she believes one of its greatest strengths is as an anti-inflammatory. She says customers have also reported positive results using her products, which come in oils taken under the tongue, topical pain creams, gummy bears, skin products and pet products, to treat anxiety and sleep disorders. You can find more info about this here.

“And the best part is, you don’t have to make radical lifestyle changes to see positive results,” she says.

In her constant push to reach as many people with her message as possible, Fisher adds, “We are always looking for more entrepreneurs to open more Indiana stores.”

The Your CBD Store franchise started in Florida less than a year ago and already has almost 400 stores selling the Colorado-grown hemp.

Your CBD Store is located at 17435 A, Carey Rd in Westfield. For more information, visit them online at cbdrx4u.com/find-us/indiana/westfield or give them a call at 317-805-1223. 

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