Resolve to Move, Feel and Live Better This Year

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As you step into the new year, you’re likely thinking about some goals and resolutions around your fitness, wellness and health. If you haven’t considered it yet, adding regular stretching to your list can make a significant difference in how you move, feel and live in 2024.Stretching

Why Focus on Stretching?

Flexibility and mobility are key to a healthier, more active life. Consider your current flexibility. Are there specific movements that feel restricted? Do you experience discomfort during certain activities? Do you have areas of tightness and soreness that bother you on a regular basis?

Stretching is not just about wellness. It’s about reducing discomfort in your daily life and giving you the freedom to move as your body should. Whether you lead a very active lifestyle or a sedentary one, and regardless of your age, gender or body type, consistent stretching has been shown to have great benefits for our health and wellness.

Benefits of Stretching

Most of us know stretching is good for us, but it is a component of wellness that is often ignored. If you’re wondering how stretching can help you, here are five reasons why you should consider setting a “stretch” goal this year:

  1. Improve your mobility and flexibility.

A proper stretching routine over time increases your range of motion and flexibility, making everyday tasks easier and improving your quality of life.

  1. Reduce your muscle and joint pain.

StretchingStretching helps to alleviate muscle tension, reducing pain in sore areas and joints as well as aiding in injury and pain prevention.

  1. Improve your sport and activity performance.

The demands of sports and physical activities can cause muscles to shorten and become tight. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong and healthy, so they can respond properly when called upon for activity.

  1. Improve your posture.

Proper alignment and balance through stretching reduces muscle tightness and imbalance to improve overall posture.

  1. Reduce your stress.

Stretching is a great form of self-care for your mental health. It not only feels good, but also allows the blood and oxygen to flow better, leaving you calmer and more relaxed.

How do You Get Started Stretching?

If you’re not sure how to stretch, you can find plenty of information online, including videos and instruction for specific muscle groups. If you’re looking for more help, instruction and accountability, StretchLab Fishers provides one-on-one, assisted stretching programs customized to your body, sports and mobility goals. By working consistently with a trained StretchLab professional, you can ensure that you are getting properly stretched and are on a path to achieving your unique mobility goals.

StretchingWhatever you do this year, resolve to take good care of yourself. Eat right, exercise regularly, find ways to refresh your mind and mental health, and consider adding stretching to your normal routine. With consistency over time, you’ll be surprised how much better you can move, feel and live in 2024.

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