Determination of Steel

The Guerrero Family Pursues the American Dream in Westfield

Writer / Alli Donovan
Photographer / Whitney Moore

The American dream. It has so many meanings, and people will perceive it differently.G&G Fabrication & Welding

For the Guerrero family, the American dream was freedom and independence. It was having a life different than the one they had always known.

Originally from a small town in the countryside of Mexico, Augusto Guerrero grew up with very little. His family eventually moved to Mexico City, and as the oldest of 12 children, he had to start supporting his family at a very young age. Through these hurdles, he created a strong work ethic for himself. He consistently worked, while dreaming of greater opportunities.

Augusto met the love of his life at only 17 years old and married at 20. He and his wife, Lulu Flores-Guerrero, had four kids, Cesar, Ricardo, Salvador and Ana Karen.

“We compare our dad to the machine of the family,” says the Guerreros’ oldest son, Cesar.

“And our mom is the heart of the family,” Ana adds.

The two are a perfect match. As a family living in Mexico City, there were difficulties and hardships to overcome. Cesar and Ana say their parents were determined to give the family the best life possible. Augusto went out and pursued a business venture that unfortunately ended up not working out. While figuring out the next steps, Lulu found a business opportunity of her own and opened a grocery store.

G&G Fabrication & Welding A few years passed and there were bumps in the road. They sold the grocery store, and Augusto tried a couple of other businesses that ultimately were not successful. The couple went through hardships, having money and then putting everything on the line to try and figure out something that would work. No idea was taking root. Eventually the Guerreros separated for a couple of years, and Ana and Cesar describe this as a very difficult time in their teen years.

In the span of three years, things started to look up for the Guerrero family. Augusto and Lulu rekindled their relationship, and the family was united again. However, the pair knew things had to be different this time around.

Augusto was tired of working in Mexico City as cheap labor. He had heard that the U.S. had opportunities that were never going to be possible for him and his family in Mexico City. So, in 1999, Augusto traveled alone to the U.S. in search of the American dream.

He made it Westfield, and has loved it.

“Within the first month of him being in America, my dad called me up and said, ‘Cesar, you have to come see this place. It’s unbelievable,’” Cesar says. “He said everything is so calm, there’s no crime, and the work and the pay is incomparable to Mexico.”

Months later, Augusto’s family joined him in Westfield in 1999.

“It took a lot of guts for him to make a huge move like that,” Cesar says.

“He and our mom just wanted to give us a better life,” Ana adds.

The Guerrero family has continued to grow and thrive here in Indiana. They have found expertise in the fabrication and welding industry. They worked in Westfield for 10 years and pursued the ultimate dream – owning and operating their own family business.

G&G Fabrication & Welding was established in April 2020. Augusto and Cesar founded the business, and Ana works as their chief administrative officer. They offer services in custom metal fabrication, trailer repair, trailer additions, cutting, drilling, punching and welding.G&G Fabrication & Welding

“Westfield has been a blessing to us,” Cesar says. “We’re proud to be a Latino family here in Westfield, and we just love it here.”

For more information on the Guerreros and G&G Fabrication & Welding, visit, or follow them on Facebook.

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