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New Ice Cream Shop Serving Up Delicious Desserts In Westfield

Photographer: Amy Payne

Toby Miles, co-owner of Cone + Crumb, the new ice cream and pastry shop in Westfield, says he is delighted about his establishment’s location.

“We are located at 205 Park Street, right next door to our first restaurant, Rail Restaurant & Bar,” Miles says.

Miles and his wife, Melanie, spent a lot of time planning how the shop would be unique. 

“The goal of Cone + Crumb is to give Westfield something new and exciting,” Miles says. “While the city has ice cream shops, we wanted to give it a place where the ice cream and desserts are all hand-made and also serve up ice cream and desserts we would want to seek out and try.”

Opening Cone + Crumb in Westfield was an obvious choice for Toby and Melanie. 

“Westfield is our home,” Miles says. “We love our home and we wouldn’t consider opening anywhere else.”

Miles was touched by the positive attention the shop received. 

“With the success of all the restaurants on Park Street, it was hard to hide what we were doing,” Miles says. “So the anticipation and excitement was huge.”

The popularity of the Rail Restaurant & Bar has also helped.

Homemade Desserts

Miles notes that all of the desserts at Cone + Crumb are made on site.

“We make all the ice creams, cakes, pies, other desserts and waffle cones in house,” he says. “And while we have flavors everyone knows and loves, we present them in a different way. Take our Fresh Mint for example. It has one pound of fresh mint per 12 quarts of our ice cream base. So it tastes like fresh mint, not imitation. Our strawberry is only made with fresh strawberries. There are no artificial flavors or coloring in any of our flavors.”

Miles adds that the ice cream choices vary.

“We currently have 12 flavors,” Miles says. “They range from Vanilla, Chocolate and Fresh Strawberry, to Honey Peach & Goat cheese and a vegan Coconut Cherry Basil.”

Other ice cream choices include Blueberry Buttermilk, Salty Turtle, Fireside S’Mores, Sugar Cream Pie, Banana Bacon Peanut Butter and Melon Sorbet.

Ice cream add-ons include caramel sauce, hot fudge, crunchy coat, sprinkles, whipped cream, preservation jam, banana butter, strawberry balsamic and blueberry rhubarb. Ice cream floats are also available.

The pastry desserts are also highly popular.

“We have four cakes (Double Chocolate, Carrot, Birthday Cake and Flourless Chocolate Torte),” Miles says. “We also have four Slab pies (Grape Lattice, Apple Brown Butter, Park Street Slab, and Fresh Strawberry). These desserts are alongside our Summer Berry Bread Pudding, zucchini bars, fudge brownies and ‘4 Birds Bakery’s’ Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie.”

Drinks include Real Sugar Coca-Cola, Orange soda, cream soda and XXX Root Beer.

Customers already have their favorite ice cream flavors.

“The heavy hitters have been Fireside S’mores (toasted marshmallow, chocolate & graham cracker) and Salty Turtle (Salted caramel, toasted pecans and chocolate),” Miles says.

Miles is a big fan of Cone + Crumb’s pastries, which are his favorites.

“The staff favorite has been the Sugar Cream Pie and Blueberry Buttermilk ice creams, along with the zucchini bars with cream cheese icing,” Miles says.

Cone + Crumb is located at 205 Park Street in Westfield. For more information, give them a call at 317-399-7878 or visit them online at conecrumb.com.

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