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A 40-Year Legacy Lives on With Vaughn Orthodontics

Writer / Christy Heitger-Ewing
Photographer / Amy Payne

Vaughn OrthodonticsStarting in early 2021, Dr. Mark Vaughn’s orthodontic career took an exciting turn after practicing in Greenwood and Fishers. The Vaughn family had the opportunity to purchase a practice here in Hendricks County. This particular orthodontic practice has a long history in the area as it was the first orthodontic practice in Hendricks County, run for 42 years by Dr. Peter Chapman. “This was a wonderful opportunity for me and my family to be a part of this community,” Dr. Vaughn says. Born and raised in central Indiana, Dr. Vaughn is thrilled to be practicing here in Plainfield. His wife Amanda spent much of her childhood on the west side of Indianapolis and is very familiar with the area. 

Dr. Vaughn purchased the practice just over one year ago. “This last year we’ve built on what’s been happening here over the last four decades,” he says. They have invested in state-of-the-art 3D technology, 3D scanners and 3D printing to improve the patient experience, which means patients no longer have to endure those uncomfortable gooey impressions. The 3D images are specialized types of X-rays that allow Dr. Vaughn’s team to more accurately diagnose, educate and treat patients. This high-tech imaging acts as a wonderful teaching tool as Dr. Vaughn can show his patients what’s going on inside their mouths. “When the family sees that image at their first visit, they have that a-ha moment where they say, ‘Oh, I see what you’re talking about now,’” he says. When patients comprehend the “why” behind their treatment, not only are they more comfortable receiving treatment, but they also see the progress themselves.

Vaughn Orthodontics offers traditional braces for both children and adults, including clear braces and clear aligners such as Invisalign and their very own Vaughn Orthodontics Smile Aligners. “A fairly large proportion of our patient base is adults,” Dr. Vaughn says. “We have developed some amazing relationships with our adult patients. We really sit down from the beginning and ask them what their concerns are and build a treatment plan from there. Patients really like that initial exams are complimentary.” 

Vaughn Orthodontics

“Too often, patients walk out of orthodontic practices knowing they need braces, but with no real understanding as to why,” says Dr. Vaughn, who likes to educate his patients during their initial exam, showing them their specific problem and walking them through the how and the why. “The goal is not only to make your periodic visits the highlight of your day, but also that your orthodontic journey with us be the best doctor’s office experience you’ve ever had.”

Along with Dr. Chapman, many of his key staff members were at retirement age. Former Treatment Coordinator Judy Brewer worked with Dr. Chapman for nearly four decades. She retired in October of 2021, but not before graciously training her replacement. “If I could turn back the clock and do it all over again with Dr. Vaughn, I would,” she says. “He is just the best boss.” She is now spending more time with her grandkids and helping with the family business.

“It was tough at the beginning of 2021 with multiple staff retiring and COVID still in full swing,” Dr. Vaughn says. “But we have been so fortunate to find excellent staff over the last year. We’ve just hired an additional clinical team member and we truly have our dream team now. Our team is really incredible. They are the magic behind our office and we have received a lot of positive feedback from patients.”

With the addition of the 3D printers the practice can make their own in-house clear aligners. This means no more impressions, and quick turnaround on retainers and clear aligners. “We can do it all here in-house thanks to our amazing team,” Dr. Vaughn says. “Although the majority of our patients are children from age 7 to 18, many adults are also considering treatment nowadays with braces, Invisalign or in-house clear aligners. Our new technologies have allowed us to offer better pricing to folks that just need some minor movements. They don’t have to risk using a DIY, mail-based aligner company. They can get excellent results from a real doctor right here in town at an affordable price.”

“We will never stop working to improve our patient experience,” he adds. “Orthodontic treatment isn’t just about straight teeth at our office. It’s about the patient experience, overall health, dental health, bite, lip support and facial aesthetics. Most importantly, it’s about establishing a continuing relationship between the patient and their general dentist who can continue to care for them long after they receive treatment at our office. We are a stepping stone to help patients achieve exceptional dental health and an exceptional smile.”

“We are so blessed to be able to provide the life-changing transformations that we do every day,” Dr. Vaughn says. For instance, last month a boy came in for an orthodontic checkup. He was not only hoping for straight teeth, but also a healed heart as he had been getting mercilessly teased by his peers about his crooked teeth. Though it was an emotional moment, it’s not an unusual one at Vaughn Orthodontics. “Even though we get to do this every day, I do not take it for granted,” Dr. Vaughn says. “We often spend two years with our patients and while it’s a slow transformation, during that time we develop unforgettable relationships with them. We get to watch these kids grow up and make a positive impact during such a pivotal time in their lives. When they get their braces off, they walk out the door with a newfound confidence and a smile on their face.”

Vaughn OrthodonticsThe team at Vaughn Orthodontics has created a fun, uplifting, jovial atmosphere to make the orthodontic experience more positive for all involved. 

“Go check them out – they are amazing,” says Katelynn Kennedy, an active patient. 

Dr. Vaughn and his family now reside just a few minutes from their practice with their two girls, Kennedy, 5, and Caroline, 3. Dr. Vaughn and his wife Amanda met when they were in the eighth grade. The family loves to spend their warm-weather weekends on the lake or spending time outdoors. “My 5-year-old started wakeboarding with me last summer – we are starting her training early!” says Vaughn, who also enjoys fishing, golfing and motorsports.

Vaughn Orthodontics is located at 159 North Dan Jones Road in Plainfield, and 18 Motif Boulevard in Brownsburg. For more information, call 317-839-6533, email them at, or visit

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