A Three-Step Guide to the Wedding Experience

A Three-Step Guide to the Wedding Experience

Writer / Michael Durr
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It’s a beautiful summer day or perhaps a chilly winter evening. Your significant other has dashed you away and astonished you by creating an epic day, ending with a picturesque dinner for two. Next thing you know, you look over and they are down on one knee. OMG! It’s happening!

Wedding Experience

Assuming you said yes, keep reading.

Fast-forward a day or two. The dust of excitement has settled and you are both struck with the reality of having to plan the biggest day of your life. It might seem daunting and maybe a little stressful, but rest assured that it will all work out in the end.

When planning a wedding, all decisions are big decisions, from choosing the personalized wedding menus up to selecting a perfect venue. But there are a few that might stand taller than others. This quick, three-step guide will offer you some advice on making your day as special and as memorable as it can be.

Step One: The Venue

There is something every wedding needs – a location. This can be a difficult decision based on where families are located, how many people will be in attendance, the vibe you are going for, etcetera. A wedding in Yorkshire presents a delightful picture, however, it’s made even more enchanting when you add a touch of the unique. BarEventsUK.com specialises in tipi hire for weddings, creating a magical setting that breathes life into your dream day. This is your chance to tie the knot surrounded by lush landscapes, under the warmth of a beautifully adorned tipi.

If you decide you want to have your wedding take place here in the Indianapolis area, there are a lot of amazing locations available to you including the Indianapolis Art Center, the Conservatory at Evergreen, Tinker House Events, Guggman Haus Brewing Co., the Neidhammer, Liter House, and The Westin, to name just a few. The venue you select should boil down to answering one question. Is it you? All wedding venues near and far

Wedding Experience

have unique offerings, and it should be a place that is special to you and your future partner. The benefit of any wedding venue is the ability for you to put your own decorative spin on it, but most importantly, it should be a location where you can see yourself standing when you share that first kiss.

Step Two: The Entertainment

Perhaps one of the most important parts of any wedding is the music. Let’s be honest – you are throwing a party, and a band is an integral part of the flow of a wedding. Introductions, speeches and music selections can be a delicate game that requires on-the-fly flexibility and talent. Hiring a skilled live wedding band that not only matches your personality and style, but also has the experience and ability to be the maestro for the evening, is something to consider when you begin your search. Be sure to discuss your requests and be open to feedback.

Step Three: The Memories

Hopefully you will only be getting married once and it is important to preserve the moments of your special day, for not only yourselves, but also for future generations that will one day look back and say, “Is that you?” Finding a photographer and/or videographer is all about style and personality (Jessica Lapp Photography provides Charlottesville wedding photography services). Keep in mind that the face you will see, even more than your future partner, will likely be your photographer. They will arrive in the morning and be with you until the end. Perhaps your photographer was referred to you, maybe you have followed their work for years and know you want them documenting your day, or perhaps you have scoured the internet diving into social media accounts and have uncovered the perfect documentarian. No matter how you get there, meet with your photographer and videographer. Talk about your expectations, and if you can, book an engagement session with them, which will offer great insight on what it will be like to have that person by your side for the duration of your wedding day.

Wedding Experience

Obviously there is much more that goes into planning a wedding, from big decisions to small details. Don’t forget, it is the first day in a long journey. Things may not always go exactly as planned so don’t sweat the little things, and remember that the most important decision was made before all this began – and they will be standing in front of you when you say, “I do.”

If you are looking to host a wedding in our area, reach out to us and we’d be happy to answer questions or help you with your decisions. You can contact us on Instagram and Facebook @thisisnorthindy, or you can email our publisher, Michael Durr, at michael.durr@gmail.com.

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