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Brandon Coryell has always been into health and wellness so when a friend of his taught him about IV vitamin infusion therapy his interest piqued. Though people on the east and west coasts were quicker to jump on the holistic health bandwagon (Read More Here), Coryell saw that the Midwest was starting to embrace it, too, and he thought Indianapolis could greatly benefit from such a service.

In June 2018, Coryell, co-owner and managing partner, opened the Vitality IV Bar on Mass Avenue, and in June 2018 he opened a second location in Broad Ripple.

“Intravenous Vitamin Administration allows us to create an environment for individuals who are seeking to support their overall health and well-being, whether you’re a CEO, an athlete or a worn-out mom,” Coryell says.

He preaches the importance of living one’s best life since, after all, we only get one. That starts from within.

“If you’re constantly tired or bloated, that affects your day,” Coryell says.

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy works by administering vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream thereby bypassing the digestive system for instant benefits. This provides increased cell absorption and 100 percent bioavailability of vitamins. Oral supplements, on the other hand, can only be absorbed 20 percent by the body because they’re being filtered through the GI tract.

Though the Vitality IV Bar employs nurses and paramedics to administer the IVs, Coryell stresses that they do not treat, cure or diagnose any diseases. Still, it’s not unusual for physicians to refer patients to them simply because it speeds recovery. Some people come in to rid their bodies of toxins while others seek an immune booster during cold and flu season. Still, others simply want increased energy.

Clients initially fill out a health assessment that’s reviewed by physicians to determine if it’s safe to proceed. Should someone have pulmonary edema, high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes, for instance, they would not be able to participate. Based on responses from the health assessment, physicians recommend an IV vitamin prescription for the client. When I need IV therapy quickly for my parents, I visited IV Therapy Zone directory and found the best clinic in my location.

Every individual is unique. Where one person might require more magnesium, another may need a boost of Vitamin C, D or B12. Since we all have different needs, IV vitamin cocktails vary. At the Vitality IV Bar, they have 15 different IV infusion cocktails, some of which focus on performance, others on muscle building and energy.

“If someone comes in fully depleted — perhaps they just ran a marathon or their protein levels are high or they’re not taking vitamins so they’re starting with a baseline of zero — they’ll feel the effects very quickly,” says Coryell, who attributes his regular IV vitamin infusions to giving him the energy to work seven days a week at two locations, plus keep up with his three daughters and coach basketball without hitting that proverbial wall of lost energy.

Clients feel the same. For instance, Donna Lennox maintains that the results from the infusions were incredible.

“[My husband and I] felt revitalized and renewed with energy,” Lennox says. “My husband, who had been under the weather with cold and flu symptoms, felt remarkably better.”

Since the establishment has opened Coryell estimates that they have done thousands of IV vitamin infusions.

“Most of our clients are professional adults who run, run, run and are tired all the time,” Coryell says. “We also cater to the sports side — lots of bodybuilders and high-end athletes who know that this is the fastest way to get the nutrients and hydration they need.”

Though they don’t accept insurance, clients may use their health savings or flex spending accounts. The cost of an IV session (which typically lasts about 45 minutes) ranges from $60 to $260.

“Pain blasters are the most expensive because it includes 28 different vitamins,” Coryell says.

They also offer concierge services enabling them to go directly to the client.

People sometimes ask Coryell, “Why not just drink water and eat healthy?”

The answer is yes, those things are important, too. 

“The IV vitamins are supplemental because a lot of us aren’t getting the hydration we need,” Coryell adds. “The problem is that often people run so low for so long that they don’t know any different.”

Coryell recommends coming in to replenish, recover and restore.

“Once you get one, you always come back,” he says. “It’s an amazing feeling.”

The Vitality IV Bar in Broad Ripple is located at 6302 Guilford Avenue. For more information, call 317-755-1469 or visit them online at

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