The Driven Life: Jessica Limeberry

What Drives you?

Writer & Photographer / Johnette Cruz

Can you think of one person that owns multiple businesses, is married and has four children? Meet Jessica Limeberry — owner of Sophia’s Bridal, Tux & Prom and co-owner of The Girls in Grey, an online clothing boutique. Jessica is a full-fledged powerhouse.

Married to her high school sweetheart Major Matthew Limeberry, they both graduated from Center Grove High School and have four boys together (Bryson, 10, Cohen, 7, Grady, 6 and Adler, 4). Sophia’s has been a southside staple for many years before Limeberry purchased the business in 2014. Before that, she was a professional photographer from 2006-2018 and just recently stopped taking clients to focus on her family and other businesses. Read below on what drives Jessica.

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

“I grew up in a business-minded family. My parents owned several small businesses, and I knew I wanted to own my own business all my life. I never guessed it would be a retail type business, but I love the bridal industry and working with people throughout big life moments. Our mission is to use the experience of selling a dress to build relationships, empower women, celebrate love and help people feel confident and beautiful.”

What is your greatest joy from owning your own businesses?

“I love the flexibility and pride you get within owning your own businesses. I am able to raise a family, grow a business, build a team, travel and coach and more.”

What has been challenging?

“Finding time with a houseful of kids, a husband who has a powerful and demanding job, and social, personal and work-related responsibilities is a big challenge.”

How do you give back to the community?

“We love giving back in small ways like sponsoring an event and in bigger ways like our annual fashion show and fundraiser for Girls, Inc of Central Indiana. I am personally involved in the Chocolate Extravaganza fundraiser that happens during the holidays, and we raise money for Haven Sanctuary for Women and Big Life. We also lead a small group through Emmanuel Church of Greenwood, and I have volunteered for the past 10 years with St. Elizabeth Coleman Pregnancy and Adoption center.”

You are a Cancer survivor! Can you share some of your story?

“In May of 2017, I started to have a strange wheeze, which then lead to a cough and shortness of breath and being diagnosed with asthma. After struggling with that for about six months, we found out it was actually a Carcinoid Tumor in my lungs. They found the tumor on April 2, 2018, and on the 20th I had surgery to remove part of my left lung and spent about two months recovering. The surgery removed everything and I did not have to undergo any further treatment.

Before this experience, I was very good at relying on myself and my own abilities. This definitely taught me to accept help, to trust your gut, and to be thankful for everything. I have a strong faith and trust in God’s plan, good or bad, but this really solidified in my mind that He will use all things for good.”  

Tell us about your husband and how he serves our country.

“Matt joined the army between our sophomore and junior year in college and has always worked full time for the Army since graduation. Being in the service is something we are very proud of. His work requires travel, and he has been deployed twice to Afghanistan.”

You also co-own another business called Girls in Grey. How did that start?

“The Girls in Grey was a longtime dream turned reality in 2017. We are a 3-person team: Rachel Huffman, Claire Black and myself. Our boutique is all online, with local pop-up shops around Indianapolis. It’s a lot of work, but it’s been another way to touch more women, empower more people and bring confidence to our customers.”

What would you tell your younger self today?

“Trust your gut, play a long-term game and stay focused on your mission. I think it is hard to compare yourself to others because their path will never look like yours. People will always question it, but if you feel confident and know your why, you don’t have to second guess it.”

What DRIVES you?

“I want to show my boys that women can be strong, and success and power can come from many different forms.”

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