Recover Your Way to A Better You Q-&-A With ABY’s John Miles

Writer  /  Jennifer Magley

Scroll through the “Explore” feature of your Instagram account and you are sure to see all of the beautiful people doing it. Floyd Mayweather, Jennifer Aniston, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jessica Alba are just a few names that come to mind. What is it? It’s the hottest way to stay cool and look your best: Cryotherapy.

Whether it’s float tanks (a favorite of the NBA’s Steph Curry) or infrared saunas, now you don’t have to fuel up your jet to fly to Monte Carlo for the newest technology.

A Better You Wellness in Carmel offers the latest innovative treatments in one location.

I spoke with co-owner John Miles to find out what to expect from Indiana’s premier center for recovery

JM: Where did the name ABY Wellness come from? How long has ABY been around?

John: The name A Better You Wellness was decided on because it quite literally describes what we do here. We make people feel better, plain and simple. Whether you are an athlete who pushes their body to the limit, or your crazy life does that for you, ABY is the perfect place to recharge not just your physical, but your mental batteries too. We have been open for a whopping six months now and time has been flying by.

JM: What makes ABY Wellness different?

John: You won’t find this combination of recovery technologies anywhere else. When you visit ABY, you have access to six different recovery technologies, including Whole Body Cryotherapy, float tanks, infrared sauna, Local Cryo, and CryoFacial. We are also the only place in the state to offer CryoFacials.

JM: Yes, I tried a CryoFacial last month and my skin felt amazing.

John: It’s the go-to of the celebrities before they have their makeup applied and walk the red carpet because of the way it shrinks the appearance of pores and makes the surface of the skin more smooth.

JM: Ok, so break it down for me: cryotherapy, float tanks, Local Cryo, infrared sauna, Normatec … What are all of these things?

John: Cryotherapy is a two-to three-minute session in a CryoSauna with temperatures as low as -240 degrees Fahrenheit can accelerate muscle recovery, reduce pain and inflammation, and improve sleep.

A 60-to 90-minute session in a float pod creates an environment unlike any other. It allows you to disconnect from the mental and physical stresses of everyday life by eliminating all outside influences.

Local cryotherapy is where we target specific pain areas, problematic skin conditions and even reduce the pain from headaches and migraines using a cold stream of nitrogen vapor for five to eight minutes.

The benefit of our infrared sauna is to increase your circulation, ease tension and relax your muscles in 30 to 45 minutes using gentle heat from the full spectrum of infrared light.

Cryofacial, as you mentioned, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines, decreases pore size and stimulates collagen production in 10 to 12 minutes using a controlled beam of vaporized liquid nitrogen targeting the face, scalp and neck. Finally, Normatec is popular around high-performance athletes and is a 30 or 60-minute session with our compression system which includes leg, arm and hip attachments that use compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid and speed recovery.

JM: So what can people expect?

John: When people come into ABY, they can expect exactly what our name implies. We truly believe that every person that walks through our doors will leave feeling like a better version of themselves. All of these technologies are amazing, but what we are truly proud of is the atmosphere that you get when you come in. We love making connections with people, and it is very flattering to have them give up hours of their time to hang out with us. We started this place simply to help people feel better, and that’s what we try to do every day.

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