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Jennifer Haas had a feeling the Broad Ripple area would be a fitting location for an Orangetheory Fitness facility – even before opening her successful studio on 86th Street three years ago.

Haas, who owns and operates the 86th Street location at Ironworks at Keystone, as well as the soon-to-launch facility in the mixed-use MK apartment building on College Avenue, had explored the possibility of a Broad Ripple location back in 2015 prior to settling on Ironworks. She wasn’t able to find the perfect spot, but now she has.

“OTF Ironworks has thrived. Actually, Orangetheory has been embraced by the entire Indiana market in general,” explains Haas, who hails from Cleveland. “Broad Ripple was part of our original Ironworks territory. We ended up carving out a second territory for this studio to take some of the pressure off Ironworks, give current OTF members another option as well as to attract new members in the Broad Ripple area.”

The midtown facility is expected to be open by late spring, and presales for memberships will be offered starting in February.

“I think Ironworks and Broad Ripple share a similar vibe and the nature of the buildout – both mixed-used complexes – was something I was familiar with,” Haas says. “The response has been tremendous. The amount of interest we’re already seeing in Broad Ripple is exciting. We can’t wait to hit the ground running.”

So what is an Orangetheory workout like, exactly? Haas describes a typical class, all of which are led by certified coaches, as a one-hour, total body workout, comprised of half cardiovascular training and half strength training involving a variety of equipment like free weights, treadmills and water rowers. Everyone in class wears a heart rate monitor, and each participant’s heart rate is projected real-time onto screens inside the studio, allowing the coaches to keep an eye on each individual’s intensity level.

“All classes are for all fitness levels,” Haas adds. “It’s very structured and you’re with a room full of other people all motivating you. The workout changes every day, so you don’t have to worry about falling into a rut or getting bored. Another fun fact is that the workout templates are designed by master trainers at Orangetheory Fitness’ corporate office in Florida. They’re designed to be safe and effective.  The quality control is built in.”

A standard Orangetheory workout is formulated so participants spend at least 12 minutes out of 60 with their heart rate above 84 percent of their max heart rate, which helps to boost metabolism and facilitates the burning of calories post-workout, according to the company’s founders.

Haas was first introduced to Orangetheory in Florida while visiting her sister and brother-in-law, Carolyn and Shaun McDonald, and quickly became a fan.

“They were members down there, which is where Orangetheory originated,” she recalls. “I was working with a personal trainer at the time doing strength training only. I visited their studio and thought it was incredible – the combination of professional strength and cardio training in one hour for half the cost of what I was spending on a personal trainer. I started thinking, “Why aren’t these in Indiana?”

In 2014, The McDonalds became Area Developers for Orangetheory Fitness in the Hoosier state and Haas and her husband, Steve, jumped on board, opening the Ironworks at Keystone location – then just the second Orangetheory Fitness studio in Indiana – in early 2016. Membership has grown rapidly since opening, and the facility currently offers 70 classes per week.

“I was ready for a change. I quit my corporate day job after 16 years,” says Haas, who worked in the securities business before transitioning to the fitness industry. “I’ve been doing this full-time ever since, and I haven’t looked back. Knowing you’re making a difference in people’s lives by offering a workout that’s truly effective and leads to results is fulfilling. The best part of my job is hearing from members how Orangetheory has changed their lives. I’m not just talking about weight loss, though that’s a big one. Members feel better on the inside, they’re stronger, they’re using less medication, they’re working out with their families. It’s inspiring.”

Central Indiana will be home to nine Orangetheory studios once the Broad Ripple location opens, and the company now has facilities in 21 countries and 45 U.S. states. Haas says her staff at the new location will consist of six or seven coaches and as many front office associates. She adds that Orangetheory Broad Ripple will have its own character.

“This Broad Ripple location will be different than many other Orangetheory studios as far as the look and feel of it,” she says. “I like to think of it as a community studio, where members will walk and ride their bikes to work out. I can already tell it will have a tight-knit quality to it, which is characteristic of Broad Ripple in general. It has a unique neighborhood feel, and we can’t wait to be a part of it.”

For more info on Orangetheory Fitness including membership details, call 317-616-3800 or visit

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