Accelerate into Nursing with Marian University

Marian University’s Online Accelerated Nursing Program and its partnership with St. Vincent Health has proven to be successful. Loraine Brown and her daughter, Rachel, both have seen the benefits of this program.

Marian University’s Online Accelerated Nursing Program has created an alternative path into nursing for college-educated students seeking more rewarding options. This 16-month program allows students to leverage a four-year degree into a bachelor’s in nursing with top quality training through a partnership with St. Vincent Health.

For one local family, this “second degree” option helped extend a family legacy of nursing and faith-inspired healthcare.

Rachael Brown, a recent graduate of the Online Accelerated BSN Program, was attracted to Marian University for a number of reasons. “The Franciscan values of Marian University and those of St. Vincent Hospital are complementary, and I was drawn to their thoughtfulness in caring for a patient’s body, mind, and spirit. These are the values that I grew up with, and applying these on a daily basis in a work environment where I am truly helping people is what I knew I wanted to do.”

Rachael attended Southern Illinois University (SIU) on a volleyball scholarship for her undergraduate degree. “At 18 years old, I had no idea what I wanted to major in. I just knew that I wanted to play volleyball,” says Rachael. But motivated by a desire to help others, Rachael had a role model in nursing close by.

Rachael’s mother, Loraine Brown, began her own career as a nurse at St. Vincent 29 years ago. Having also attended Marian University (then Marian College), she was drawn to St. Vincent for the same reasons as her daughter and now serves as Executive Director of Mission Integration for St. Vincent Hospital.

“Being a nurse is so special. To serve the patient and their family is so rewarding. I don’t think of this as a job,” shares Loraine.

“During a visit to Evansville, I witnessed the Sisters [The Daughters of the Poor] and nurses caring for patients, and I could see myself doing that,” shares Rachael. While having lunch with her mom in the St. Vincent Hospital cafeteria during her junior year of college, Rachael saw a Marian University table. “I picked up a brochure on the online accelerated program and started asking questions,” adds Rachael.

The Marian University Online Accelerated BSN Program is an intense, yet flexible, 16-month commitment. Lectures are online, with hands-on classroom exercises and clinical training at St. Vincent Hospital.

“I graduated from SIU in May and started with Marian in August,” says Rachael. “The real-world clinicals at St. Vincent were great. The nurses and staff were very welcoming. It is a teaching hospital, and we were able to work closely with the wonderful nurses there. We gained confidence every day.”

Students of the accelerated nursing program come from a wide array of backgrounds, ages, and experience, but they share the desire to pursue meaningful work in a highly sought-after field.

“In my class, there were students like me who just graduated from a four-year college, a lawyer who practiced for 15 years, an Army Ranger, former teachers, an engineer and a marketing executive. All were making a career change,” shares Rachael.

Marian University’s Online Accelerated BSN program exposes their students to a multitude of options for careers in nursing without having to start over in a traditional program. With Marian University’s close relationship with St. Vincent, students are trained with state-of-the-art technology alongside some of the best healthcare practitioners in the country. Nursing remains among the nation’s fastest-growing careers; through Marian’s innovative approach, students earn a second degree for a second chance at success.

For more information or to apply to Marian University’s Online Accelerated BSN program, visit or call 866-890-9765.

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