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Football season is right around the corner and while you may or may not be a diehard fan, lots of people are ready for the season to get started, not only because of the game but because of all that goes along with it! Many Americans would suggest that football is the best sport in the world. Here are seven reasons why fans and non-fans alike are ready for the season to start again.

  1. Togetherness:

footballNo matter what you think, football brings us together. At all levels of the game, people come together to cheer or boo. You bond with those sitting next to you in the bleachers or standing next to you on the field. You root for your team and hope for a win together with all the rest of the fans around you. You watch together with your family and friends in the comfort of your own home. It’s a common bond between you and those on your favorite team.

  1. Rivalries:

Don’t say you like all teams because that’s not true, and you know it. We all know there are teams that just don’t get along and don’t like each other. Like the Packers and Bears, the Cowboys and Eagles, and obviously the Colts and the Patriots. Rivalries bring out the best in athletes and encourage competition, but the most intense rivalries are amongst the National Football League teams. And a good rivalry is not only exciting but great for ratings!

  1. Food

Football food is just the best. Dips, pretzels, burgers, nachos, beer. What more could you ask for? The best part of watching a game is lingering around the kitchen island or visiting the concessions during halftime at the stadium. And did you know that more food is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than at Thanksgiving?

  1. Tailgating

When you go to a game, high school, college, or NFL, you don’t show up right at game time. Like any good fan, you arrive a little early and with a cooler! Hanging outside the venue with friends for hours before the big game is a must-have experience and can be extra special if you are visiting somewhere like Lambeau Field or Notre Dame Stadium. No matter the weather, tailgating is all about having fun and indulging in unhealthy food, drinks and games. Oh, and you might even make friends with those on the other side!

  1. Traditions

Football is a tradition most enjoyed on Friday nights while growing up and Sundays with family. If you love the NFL, it’s very likely that you grew up watching with relatives who followed a favorite team or just the sport in general. I mean, what do you think of when Thanksgiving comes around? That’s right, food and football. Families across the country go out to play America’s favorite sport on the front lawns and when they are done, everyone heads back inside to watch the game. It’s almost religious.

  1. Fantasy Football

The return of the NFL also means that fantasy football is upon us. Not only is it a hobby for many, it’s a multi-million dollar industry that paved the way for all other fantasy sports. People can compete with friends by picking and following their favorite players to create their fantasy team. It requires a little savvy and strategy, but is fun to follow and also to try to one-up your friends!

  1. The Super Bowl

Even those who don’t like football love the Super Bowl. Considered a national holiday by many, this is a spectacle enjoyed by all. The rivalries are fierce, the stadiums are packed, the half-time shows are unreal, and obviously the commercials are amazing. The Super Bowl is the culmination of the entire season and watchers everywhere stay up late and call in sick the next day just to enjoy the entire show.

In the end, when fall rolls around, we are totally ready for Fridays to be spent at the local game, Saturdays to be taken over by the best college games, and Sundays to be taken over by pre-game shows and commentators. We all feel better when football is back in action and we can enjoy the season for all the right reasons, with family, friends and even those who are cheering for the other side.

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