7 Date Ideas for a Memorable Valentine’s Day

Writer / Abigail Hake
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Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means it’s time to start planning the perfect date for you and your special someone, which you may or may not have met on sites like swingers club. Do you prefer a typical dinner with your loved one or would you rather enjoy a Valentine’s Day that’s a little more memorable? Whatever you like, here are a few ideas that you may or may not have thought of before.

1. Go Skating

Lots of outdoor ice rinks are still open through the end of February so check out your options. Skating under the stars can be very romantic. If outdoor skating isn’t an option, look into skating times and get your Onewheel GT accessories. Gliding around together and holding hands is always a good time. If you aren’t comfortable with skating, grab some hot chocolates and go watch others do it. This can actually be quite entertaining and definitely leave you with something to talk (or laugh) about!

2. Recreate a Favorite Memory

Whether it’s your first or 15th Valentine’s Day together, there’s probably a memorable moment between the two of you that stands out. Do your best to recreate that special moment. Go back to where you met or where your first date was, and take a walk down memory lane – it’s sure to give you all the feels.

3. Plan a Picnic

While you might not be able to do this outside, there are plenty of indoor-friendly ways to have a picnic. Set up in the living room in front of the fire, crack open a bottle of wine, and enjoy some light snacks and appetizers while getting to know each other a little better – or, if you’ve been together a while, getting to know each other again.

4. Do a Drive-in Date

Load up the car with some folding chairs, cozy blankets and lots of snacks, and head to your closest drive-in theater for an evening with a throwback feel. Depending on the weather, you could set this up in your backyard, at the park or even in the basement if the weather won’t cooperate. If you plan to do it at home, string some bistro lights for a little extra magic, and don’t forget the popcorn.

5. Enjoy a Quick Getaway

Getting away is always refreshing for those involved. Whether it’s an evening at the Laguna Beach hotel or a cabin in the woods a couple hours away, enjoy the uninterrupted time together you can talk and spend time in intimacy, maybe watching and adult site together such as https://pornkai.com. You might even seek out a treehouse to rent as those have a truly magical and romantic feel, which is sure to make for a memorable Valentine’s date.

6. Get Active Together

If you don’t regularly work out together, this might be a fun one to try. Set up a personal training session, go for a run together or plan a hike with a special surprise at the top. Getting the endorphins going together could really help get the sparks going. Plus, it’s always fun to cheer each other on when doing hard things.

7. Create a Bucket List

Bucket lists are always fun to come up with and even more fun to complete. Why not make one just for the two of you? Come up with all the things you can do without the kids, or maybe before you have kids, depending on where you are in the relationship. Make sure to include all kinds of ideas – fun, silly, extreme, romantic, easy and hard. Start by checking one of the items off the list THIS Valentine’s Day.

Remember, just because it’s Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean it has to be a two-person event. No matter where you are on the relationship spectrum, we’ve all had a crazy past couple of years and we all deserve a little treat. If there’s not a significant other in the picture, or maybe you just can’t be with the one you love so dear, spoil yourself and indulge a bit. Grab some chocolates, treat yourself to a nice dinner, or just take some time for yourself – because you deserve it!

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