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Photography Provided

Chief John MannAfter nearly 30 years working with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) and with a local nonprofit organization, John Mann is excited for a new chapter in his career as police chief for the Noblesville Police Department (NPD).

Mann worked for the IMPD for more than 27 years. He moved through the ranks like many officers, from sergeant to lieutenant and eventually captain. During his years at the IMPD he worked in investigations, patrol and administration. Mann had the privilege of gaining experience in many different facets of law enforcement.

“Law enforcement is one of the few professions where we can make a difference in people’s lives,” says Mann, who became director of security for Downtown Indy, Inc., a private, nonprofit business, after his time with the IMPD.

Since beginning his service to Noblesville as police chief on January 1, 2020, Mann has sworn not only to uphold the law and protect the community of Noblesville, but also to become a part of the community.

“To be a true fabric of a community, the business owners and residents have to get to know their chief,” Mann says. “I want (the NPD) to be a part of community, not just work for the community. I also want to get to know the people of Noblesville more than any chief in the past.”

Mann has looked forward to his new position eagerly for many reasons. Law enforcement is his longtime passion, and he looks forward to coming to work every day. He is also on board with Mayor Chris Jensen’s ideas for improving the city. He even compares his new job to being a part of a winning team at the Super Bowl.

Mann has major goals for his new position as chief. He has many operational goals that align with Mayor Jensen’s forward-thinking initiatives. He plans to be heavily involved with mental health. Mann also plans to be proactive about transparency among NPD officers, and increased police engagement with the general public and local businesses. This helps the police know what Noblesville residents need and want. Mann firmly believes that if officers are heavily engaged with the community, they can fix more problems. The needs of any community constantly change, and Mann recognizes that officers need to adapt to such changes.

Ultimately, Mann looks forward to his future in Noblesville, and hopes the city and all the people in it will experience change for the better. He hopes the NPD will move steadily with them, offering protection and encouraging friendship throughout the community.

“I want people to move to Noblesville not only because of all the opportunities it offers, but because they love our police department,” Mann says.


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[…] Photography Provided […]

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