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Student Spotlight: Noblesville Ivy Tech Student Achieves Her Goals

Writer: Matt Keating
Photographer: Amy Payne

Jacqueline Navedo, the Noblesville Ivy Tech Community College Student of the Month, believes a strong education will help her fulfill her dreams.

She also believes strongly in her fellow students and encourages them to be dedicated to their school work, find their purpose and get involved in numerous campus activities.

Navedo says that the staff at Ivy Tech will gladly help students get involved in many student organizations that fit their unique personal interests. Navedo exemplifies the kind of outgoing student the staff at Ivy Tech enjoys putting in the spotlight. She didn’t just put minimal effort into her school work. She completely dedicated herself to it.

“My degree is in Liberal Arts, and I am excited to be graduating from Ivy Tech,” she says. “I have been able to achieve my goals through attending classes and working hard.”

Navedo served as Vice President of student government at the Noblesville Ivy Tech.

“As a leader, I was here to engage the students with school events and service projects,” Navedo says. “I also provide information on services that the campus provides that can help students.”

Navedo appreciated how Ivy Tech Community College is a full-service campus that has the services and classes available to help you be successful.

Navedo’s next step is to attend Western Governors University.

“I will be getting a double Major in Education and in Special Needs,” Navedo says. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

Navedo says she would not have obtained her objectives without her teachers at Ivy Tech.

“They help you achieve your goal by giving you every opportunity to succeed,” she says. “They also give you the opportunity to get involved in clubs and leadership training.”

Besides student government, Navedo was also involved in The National services, Society Leadership and Success (NSLS), The Campus Activity Board, Latinas Taking the Lead, Project Grow Program – Pass the Torch and The Insider Newspaper.

Navedo is glad she pushed herself to get involved in multiple school activities.

“The Noblesville Ivy Tech is a campus where you can embrace yourself with new ideas and spread your wings and accomplish great things,” Navedo says. “The Noblesville Campus has a great, supportive staff and faculty.”

Navedo previously lived in the South Bronx in New York City. She still misses it sometimes.

“I miss the food in New York City, walking down 42nd Street and seeing the shops, and dearly miss my Mother, and my culture and the diversity,” she says.

She loves Noblesville, however, and Ivy Tech.

“Ivy Tech gave me the opportunity and patience to be flexible,” Navedo says. “I’m a single mother of three children. One of my children has special needs that bring along difficult circumstances. The understanding of my professors allowed me to accomplish my goals and dreams and graduate with my degree.”

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