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Megan Broviak, an eighth-grader at Noblesville East Middle School, sets an example to both her peers and adults. She’s not afraid to get involved — she already has a history of participating in a multitude of activities both in and out of school. Her grades are excellent and have earned her a spot on the Academic Honor Roll. However, what really makes her a role model is her ability to deal with difficult situations and still keep a good attitude. Facing leukemia treatments for a second time within a few years, Megan continues to take part in activities she loves and attends school when she is able.

This spring, as a seventh-grader, Megan was the recipient of the Young Indiana Hero Award given by the Indiana Student Council Association. Megan was nominated for the award by her Noblesville East Middle School Student Council advisor because of the exceptional strength of character she’s exhibited while undergoing treatments for leukemia. Megan was able to attend the ceremony and accept the award in person during the Representative Assembly and Spring Leadership Conference, which was held at the Hamilton County 4-H Fairgrounds in April.

“She was extremely surprised, and it meant a lot to her to be recognized like this,” says Ann Broviak, Megan’s mother. “She tries to live her life the best she can. She believes in not putting life on hold and be a part of what she can be during treatments. I am very proud of her strength, courage, and determination.”

Megan applied to be a part of Student Council with the idea that she could contribute to improving the school and initiate fun activities for the students. She enjoys planning fundraisers and dress up days. As a participant in the organization for two years, she plans on being a part of it this year as well.

Besides Student Council, Megan has been active in various sports and other organizations. She has played lacrosse and been on a basketball travel team. She loves music and is involved with both band and jazz band. She is a member of National Junior Honor Society. Outside of school, Megan is a second-year volunteer for in the Connor Prairie Youth Program and participates in her church’s student life group.

When asked how she balances her many activities, Megan says, “I am grateful to be able to do activities and be a part of multiple groups and teams.  Not everything I do is done at the same time. I just make sure that I devote the time that is needed to do my best for the task at hand. On and off treatment, I try not to let my life be on hold in any ways. Even when I am restricted from certain activities, such as various sports, I will change to focus on things I can do, like school and band.”

Ann adds, “Megan says that no matter how hard or horrible it may seem, you can always find good and overcome your obstacles, no matter how big or small.”


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