Writer  /  Julie Yates
Photographer  /  Ellie Sophia Photography

In many ways, Options Charter School student Jocelynn Wagy seems like a typical high school sophomore. Bubbly and charming, she is glad to share her interests as well as talk about her life as a teenager. Yet, there are several aspects about her that are truly unique.

Wagy is a definite lover of the arts. She enjoys dancing but not the same genre of dance as most of her age group. People usually identify her choice as ballroom dancing featuring the waltz, foxtrot or quickstep. However, she has another name for it.

“I call it ‘old style,’” Wagy says. “I’m basically self-taught, but in 2018 I started taking classes.”

Another passion is a love of drawing. Although Wagy is quick to point out that she enjoys many different mediums for producing art, her favorite tool is a pen. She excels at black and white drawing.

“I like to draw a shape, such as a circle, and then turn it into a character,” she says.

As the older sister to two female siblings ages two and five, family is important to her. In between her interests of dancing and art, she helps out at home and watches her sisters after school.

“I try to help out my mom and look after my sisters as much as I can,” Wagy says. “We also have three dogs, and I care for them too.”

When asked about her school experience, Wagy exudes enthusiasm. She transferred to her current school, Options Charter School in Noblesville as a second-semester eighth grader. Most teens would approach changing schools in the middle of the year with dread and she was no exception. Fortunately, she feels the transition was an easy one and is happy she had the opportunity.

“I really love my school and I love my school family,” Wagy says. “I thought it would be the hardest thing to transfer, but it wasn’t stressful at all. When I first walked in, I noticed the walls were covered in art. It was very colorful. I thought it was the best thing I’d seen in years.” 

Wagy, who has dyslexia, was struggling in her former school. It was her mother who felt that smaller class sizes would benefit her. Wagy agreed to give it try and was pleasantly surprised that the school cultivates an atmosphere of complete acceptance.

“Differences are accepted at Options,” she says. “Everyone is different but all are accepted. Everyone has a story to tell and absolutely no one is bullied. It ends up being a very happy place to be. One of the best things about it are the teachers. They never give up on anyone. They will stay after school to help a student out.”

In the future, Wagy hopes to attend college. Her ultimate dream is to own a dance studio with a tattoo parlor in the back. But in the meantime, she plans to enjoy her present high school experience.

“I honestly love every single class I have,” she says. “My school gives everyone the time and space to be their best.”

Options Charter Schools Noblesville campus is located at 9945 Cumberland Pointe Blvd. You can give them a call at 317-773-8659 or visit them online at optionsschools.org/noblesville for more information.

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