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Lette Lou’s Pêtisserie & More

Student Spotlight: Colette Depoy

Writer / Matt Keating
Photography Provided

Colette Depoy started her successful dog treat business, Lette Lou’s Pêtisserie & More, when schools were shut down in 2020, and her mother Maggy says it began as an educational opportunity.

“I wanted Colette to keep up with her schooling during the pandemic,” Maggy says. “Colette’s nickname is Lette Lou, so that’s where the name of her business comes from. Lette Lou’s initially began as Colette’s dog walking business in Noblesville, as a way for her to do a homeschool learning project during the pandemic.”

Maggy adds that Colette was inspired to start the dog walking business as a way to make money to buy things she wanted.

Lette Lou’s Pêtisserie & More

“Colette wanted money for a toy I would not buy,” Maggy says.

Colette’s dog walking business was documented on social media, and many people in Noblesville and other surrounding areas were positively impacted by what Colette was doing. They especially enjoyed seeing an uplifting story during stressful times.

Maggy says the Lette Lou’s team later began producing dog treats for Colette’s dog walking clients, and those also became popular. As the business continued to take off, Maggy and a friend joined forces to rebrand the business, to better protect Colette.

“We created Lette Lou’s LLC,” Maggy says.

The thriving business also supports animals in need, by selecting a worthy cause each quarter of the year to donate part of the proceeds. Lette Lou’s even has a website and blog.

“We have a blog at lettelous.com,” Maggy says. “Colette has been featured on Fox 59 and RTV6, and those stories are up on the site as well.”

Colette also sells her products at Noble Coffee and Tea Company.

“When our story was featured on Fox 59, Robyn Littler, the owner of Noble Coffee and Tea, reached out about selling the treats in the shop,” Maggy says. “They seem to be selling well. Colette loves going in and seeing her product on the shelves. Colette has become a regular at the coffee shop. The Zebra Hot Chocolate and boba teas are her favorite Noble drinks.”

Maggy says pet owners enjoy buying Colette’s dog treats.

Lette Lou’s Pêtisserie & More

“The dogs love the treats,” Maggy says. “The treats are all natural, and smell amazing when you open the bag.”

Maggy notes that the Noble Coffee and Tea staff has been very supportive.

“Noble Coffee and Tea has been a joy to work with,” Maggy says. “They helped us understand the business world better, and have helped mentor us through wholesale orders.”

When Colette isn’t busy with school and her business, she enjoys playing sports and spending time with her pet.

“Colette loves playing softball, and even sponsored her own Little League team this past spring with Lette Lou’s,” Maggy says. “She’s got a new puppy named Coconut that she enjoys spending time with. She’s also creative, and loves drawing, writing, art, music and dancing. She also loves playing with her friends in the neighborhood. Colette is adventurous, and likes trying new foods and exploring new activities. Lately, she has been constantly asking me to sign her up for horseback riding lessons.”

Maggy adds that Lette Lou’s has three more products in the works that will be available before Christmas this year.

Lette Lou’s Pêtisserie & More

“This last summer, Colette and I also wrote a children’s book about her story to hopefully inspire other future young entrepreneurs,” she says. “She is in the process of illustrating her book with a visual designer. This project has brought us endless joy, and it has led to many opportunities for Colette. We are so thankful for how the Noblesville community embraced and supported us during these turbulent times.”

For more information, check out lettelous.com, or email hello@lettelous.com.

Student Spotlight is sponsored by Kluth Richardson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.

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