Soft Water Solutions of Noblesville founder Tom Edens, a lifelong resident.

Soft Water Solutions – Noblesville

Soft Water Solutions, a Noblesville-based company, is making waves in the local water treatment industry, offering water softener sales, service and installation.

Founded by Tom Edens, a lifelong resident of Noblesville, Soft Water Solutions not only focuses on providing water softener solutions, but also on fostering a sense of stewardship and responsibility towards the local communities it serves.

“About a year back, I was talking to a friend of mine that had worked for a local softener company,” Edens says. “That company was sold several years ago and the new owner chose not to keep a physical presence in Noblesville. To me, knowing that Noblesville is such a tight-knit community, that didn’t make sense. I decided to pitch him the idea of starting a company. He would handle the service and installation, and I would oversee the marketing and operations.”

That friend is Don Crowder, lead installation tech for Soft Water Solutions. “Don has 20-plus years of softener experience and I love to be entrepreneurial,” Edens says.

soft water solutions noblesville water softener
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The plan came together quickly. Having opened late in February of this year, Soft Water Solutions has quickly established itself as a trusted and valuable resource for residents of Noblesville, and all of Hamilton County. Edens says by operating very lean, it gives his company an advantage when it comes to competitiveness. “We don’t have excessive overhead and that allows us to be a very economical option for homeowners,” he says.

“We’re not just selling water softeners,” Edens adds. “We’re providing solutions to help families deal with the extremely hard water that is found throughout central Indiana.”

Soft Water Solutions takes a personal approach to every installation, service call and maintenance project. With a clear understanding that each home and family is different, Edens and his team take into account factors such as household size and water consumption habits to recommend the best water softening solution.

“We want to talk to our clients,” Edens says. “We want to make an initial trip to their home and learn. That is what will give us the peace of mind that we’re providing the best option.”

If the conversation drifts away from water softeners during that home visit, Edens doesn’t mind. Talking about local sports or what’s happening around the area is just fine. “We’re Noblesville guys and oftentimes we know our clients, their families or their friends,” he says. “We love it when there is time to talk about what’s happening in our community.”

In addition to sales and installation, Soft Water Solutions provides maintenance on existing units and delivers softener salt. Edens is quick to point out that filling the family softener with salt was his least favorite chore as a kid. “My parents would both remember how much I hated lugging those bags down to our basement,” he says.

Lugging those bags is now an important part of his business. “Now I realize and appreciate that carrying a couple of 40-pound bags into the house from the car is a lot easier said than done,” Edens says. “Not everyone has friends or family close by to help out, and some people just don’t want the hassle of it.” Soft Water Solutions delivers salt to clients’ homes and adds it to their softeners if requested.

For Edens, the company’s commitment goes beyond their services. They understand the value of giving back to the place they call home. Whether it is sponsoring local sports teams or donating their time to a local organization, Edens says both he and Crowder love to be out and about. “We’re your neighbors, and supporting local communities throughout the county is a core value of our company,” he says.

Soft Water Solutions provides free estimates, does not charge for service calls, and has no monthly service agreements. “No two jobs are the same, so every call gives us the chance to be out in the community, talking to clients about their needs and what’s happening around Noblesville and Hamilton County,” Edens says. That’s just the way he likes it.

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