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Smith’s Jewelers

Smith’s Jewelers Continues to Shine

Perfect Fit

Smith’s Jewelers Continues to Shine

Writer / Matt Keating
Photographer / Whitney Moore

Robby Hieser, chief executive officer of Smith’s Jewelers, says the company has been in business for 75 years because of its consistent high quality.

The jewelry store has truly shined through the years. The staff has earned its reputation for excellence because they offer quality merchandise, a top-notch sales staff, thorough repair services and a custom workshop.

“Our quality comes from the experience of our craftsmen,” Hieser says.

Hieser notes that Smith’s Jewelers always delivers a piece of jewelry that is of the finest quality, and crafted with the utmost care.

The staff at Smith’s Jewelers always begins the process with a customer consultation. If diamonds are selected for a ring, necklace, bracelet, pendant, wedding band or other piece, the shape, carat weight and other criteria will be discussed. The staff will also help with a setting.

Hieser says the design comes next, where the staff creates a customized, computer-aided design. This provides the customer with an idea of what their piece will look like. Hieser notes that the designers can incorporate just about any changes the client has in mind.

Smith’s Jewelers

Hieser says he enjoys working at Smith’s Jewelers.

“We love to come alongside our customers, and share and celebrate life’s moments,” Hieser says.

The staff gets to know the customers, and many people have been lifelong customers.

Hieser believes the store has been successful because of the staff’s hard work and attention to detail.

“We care,” he says. “We understand that the jewelry we work on and create are not just items, but symbols – reminders and sentiments that we hold close to the heart.”

Hieser also acknowledges that Smith’s Jewelers has a reputation for outstanding customer service. The repair work begins with an initial inspection and consultation. Every piece is worked on with care, including alterations and remounting.

“We have honesty, and we treat our customers the way we would want to be treated,” Hieser says.

Smith’s Jewelers

The staff at Smith’s Jewelers is also well-known for repairs.

Hieser notes that many customers have particular favorite brands of jewelry.

“I would say the customers’ favorites are anything from JYE International,” he says. “They are a high-end designer that has won many awards. You can see it in their design and their quality.”

Hieser has his own favorites.

“I have seen a lot of very expensive, very nice jewelry, but nothing holds a light to repurposing the ring of a loved one who has passed,” Hieser says. “That ring is to be worn with the person as a reminder of their loved one’s life.”

Hieser notes that Smith’s Jewelers consistently carries quality merchandise.

“We also carry high-end brand names like Simon G., Sylvie, Christopher Designs, and  Venetti,” Hieser says.

Smith’s Jewelers is located at 98 North 9th Street in Noblesville. For more info, call 317-773-3383 or visit smithsonthesquare.com.

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