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Alaina Shonkwiler is Dedicated to Her City

Writer / Renee Larr
Photography Provided

Alaina ShonkwilerMany people want to make their community a better place to live, but Noblesville resident Alaina Shonkwiler has made it her career. Shonkwiler serves as the board president of Hamilton County Leadership Academy (HCLA). The organization’s mission is to educate and inspire leaders to create a positive impact in the community.

“HCLA has served as my connection to incredible collaborations that happen between local government, businesses and nonprofits to strengthen our community,” Shonkwiler says. “Through HCLA, I feel I’m a part of a talented network of HCLA alumni and stakeholders, all of whom are passionate about their career and their community.”

Shonkwiler is a volunteer member of the HCLA board, and is the southwest district director for Indiana’s 5th congressional district under Congresswoman Victoria Spartz.

“I work to support the congresswoman’s presence in the district as she represents the district in Washington, D.C,” Shonkwiler says. “The southwest portion of the district includes Boone County, Hamilton County and Marion County.”

Shonkwiler attributes her love of local politics to her favorite high school teacher.

“I blame Bruce Hitchcock, my favorite high school teacher, for my interest in government and politics, and understanding their role in our day-to-day lives,” Shonkwiler says. “He took summer trips with parents and students to Washington, D.C., and that’s where my interest sparked into a career path. I interned in Washington, D.C., my senior year in college, and found my path back to Hamilton County to serve in local government.”

That path back to Hamilton County led to several roles in local organizations.

“I can invest in the community through my previous roles at the Noblesville Chamber of Commerce, City of Noblesville Economic Development department, Noblesville Workforce Development, and serving the 5th district as southwest district director for Congresswoman Spartz,” she says.

Shonkwiler and her family have strong ties to Noblesville.

“My husband Jason serves with the Noblesville Police Department as a school resource officer at Noblesville High School,” Shonkwiler says. “He also helps as a defensive assistant coach for the high school football team. Our daughter Hannah is in eighth grade at Noblesville West Middle School, and our son Kyle is in fifth grade at Hinkle Creek Elementary. Both of our parents live in Noblesville and can be seen cheering the kids at their various sporting events.”

In her spare time, Shonkwiler still finds ways to immerse herself in Hamilton County.

“I spend my evenings and weekends at Grinder football games and Noblesville West Middle School volleyball games, cheering on my kids and their teammates,” Shonkwiler says. “Tuesday mornings you can find me at Ginger’s Cafe, learning from guest speakers as a member of the Noblesville Kiwanis Sunrisers. I also support our Behind the Badge and Noblesville Fraternal Order of Police as a volunteer for Shop with a Cop. I’m a member of the board for Noblesville Sister Cities and the Noblesville High School Alumni Association.”

She believes kindness is a central value to residents of Noblesville.

“I’ve seen grace and generosity from all of our neighbors, and I am appreciative for the chance to raise my kids in Hamilton County,” Shonkwiler says.

For more information about HCLA, visit hcla.net.

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