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Writer / Kara Reibel
Photographer / Brian Brosmer

Over 400 students competed at Noblesville West Middle School’s robotics competition. Known as the Jay Noblesville Classic, 80 teams competed for a state qualification spot. Teams represented schools from Plymouth, Portage and Jay County.

The competition was governed by the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation: Inspiring students, one robot at a time. Known as VEX, teams from area junior highs and high schools competed for a chance to qualify for the next level of competition.

The goal with a team’s robot is to streamline the programming of the robot to create a smoother execution of its task.

“The kids are constantly tweaking and rebuilding their robot,” shares Brandon Crawford, Noblesville West Middle School Robotics Coach. “It’s a lot of fun to watch the students and their robots in action.”

For results, please visit robotevents.com.

N 1 16 Nob Robotics


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