Hometown Window and Door owners Dan Hanlin and Darren Peck.

Opening the Door to Excellence – Hometown Window & Door

Hometown Window & Door Company is owned and operated by Noblesville natives Darren Peck and Dan Hanlin. Hometown is a full-service Andersen window dealership located in Noblesville that was formed to offer Hamilton County residents with the entire product line of Andersen Windows and Doors, and the Andersen Certified Contractors to install them.

The dealership began in February 2022, when the group purchased local Andersen dealership Clevernest, and relocated to Noblesville. Since this acquisition, Hometown has contracted over 970 window and door projects, greatly increasing the value of residential and commercial properties all across Hamilton County.

“We could have sold any product we wanted, but we chose to sell Andersen products because it’s such a high-quality product,” says Darren Peck, co-owner of Hometown Window & Door. “You don’t end up being the oldest window and door company in the U.S. – Andersen started selling windows in 1903 – without having the highest-quality product on the market.”

Andersen is a fantastic product, but the product is not all that goes into a window and door project. The Hometown team also wanted to provide the consumer with a better customer service experience, complete with full-service, white-glove installation. Hometown Window & Door Company employs some of the top certified professionals in the industry. “As a young company, we are privileged to have such a highly qualified and experienced team,” Peck says. “From design consultants working with homeowners to our crews bringing the vision to reality, our team is top notch”

What’s Hot in 2024: Massive and Unique Conversions

If your home was built a decade or more ago, you may not have had access to the technology and variety of materials that are available from Andersen in 2024. Today, if you can dream it, Andersen can build it, and Hometown can install it. For example, Andersen can produce windows very tall and wide that will crank out! In the pictures provided, you will see arched windows that are 13-feet tall and 10-feet wide. These are builds that other manufactures cannot match. If they did, they wouldn’t be able to warranty the product. However, Andersen has mastered the art of manufacturing windows and doors.

“More often than not, the extremely large windows will actually save customers money because they end up purchasing a smaller quantity of windows from using Hometown’s conversion design techniques,” Peck said. “Instead of customers buying five windows, they are buying one window – half the cost and twice the view.”

“A lot of people have never seen anything like it,” he adds. “Most competitors’ windows can’t be made that big because the framing isn’t strong enough. Andersen products are superior. Plastic and vinyl windows just don’t hold up like an Andersen product.”

What’s Hot in 2024: Dark Windows and Colored Windows

Black windows are very trendy right now. However, homeowners have to be careful when purchasing windows with darker colors from just any window company. The dark colors hold a lot of heat, and if the framing material isn’t rated for large temperature fluctuations, they will warp. Warping windows is especially common in vinyl products of competitors of Andersen.

Andersen product lines use either Fibrex, fiberglass or extruded aluminum. These products hold up in a variety of environments and can be made in any color available without concerns about warping.

Color options in windows are also gaining popularity. The E-Series product line has more than 50 standard color options, which allows the team to do custom-looking windows for clients. Not only can you get 50 standard color options, but you can also make different parts of the window different colors without affecting cost. You truly can design a window around your home, instead of settling with whatever is available.

“The operable part of the window can be a different color than the frame, which can be a different color than the wrapping or the molding around the window,” Peck says. “In doing so, you can add a lot of subtle dimension to the project.”

The majority of the product lines carried by Hometown have historically not been made available for homeowners interested in remodeling. Traditionally, these product lines were only built by custom home builders and used when the home was constructed. Hometown has brought these options to the remodeling market and they are making waves. Customers absolutely love the finished product, as can be seen from their reviews.

Ugly Window Contest Is Back! WIN $10,000 Worth of Windows and Doors Installed by Hometown

Last year, Hometown Window & Door held an Ugly Window Contest that attracted more than 200 entrants.

“This was a great contest and customers really seemed to get involved,” Peck says. “Our team really enjoyed looking at the different entries submitted by our customers. There are definitely some very ugly windows and it was difficult to pick the winner.”

In November, Hometown narrowed down the entries to the 20 ugliest windows and selected one grand-prize winner. The customer received $10,000 worth of windows and doors installed by Hometown. The remaining 19 runners-up received a special promotion to replace the windows and doors in their submission.

The contest winner in 2022 replaced their ugly window by altering the opening and installing a new patio door in their master bedroom. The 2023 winner chose to complete their entire house in addition to the portion that was completed from the contest. Hometown had such great responses to the contest, they are running it again in 2024. The 2024 winner will be selected in November.

Hometown Window and Door Company’s showroom is located at 1710 South 10th Street in Noblesville. For more info, call 317-688-8100 or visit hometownwindowteam.com.

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