Noblesville High School Grad Mike Wheeler of the Westfield Police Department

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Noblesville High School Grad Mike Wheeler of the Westfield Police Department

Writer / Matt Keating
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Mike Wheeler is a man who knows how to fully appreciate the best of two communities.Mike Wheeler

He loves both Noblesville and Westfield and has found much to enjoy about both places.

“I graduated from Noblesville High School in 1991,” Wheeler says. “I became a full-time Hamilton County sheriff’s deputy in 1998 and then moved to the Westfield Police Department in January of 2000.”

Wheeler notes that he enjoyed playing sports at Noblesville High School and being a part of a wonderful community.

“I played tennis, basketball and baseball in high school,” Wheeler says. “I’ve lived most of my life in Noblesville. I grew up living on the northwest side near Morse Lake, spending most of my time in North and South Harbour.”

Wheeler also raised a family in Noblesville.

“My children were raised in Noblesville and are Noblesville High School graduates themselves,” Wheeler says. “Noblesville has always been good to us. It’s peaceful and quiet. It’s also a great place to raise a family. I remember working at Deer Creek Music Center when it first opened up. That venue built Noblesville and put it on the map, in my opinion. I have so many memories and lessons learned living in Noblesville.”

Wheeler adds that his Noblesville roots go back to his childhood.

“I attended Hinkle Creek Elementary and Noblesville Junior High School,” he says.

After he graduated from Noblesville High School, Wheeler joined the Marine Corps Reserve.

“The Marines is where I learned about a sense of duty and pride,” Wheeler says. “Protecting others against those who are trying to harm them is important to me, then and now. I also liked the discipline, uniformity, attention to detail, humility and pride, which went hand in hand with the title of being a United States Marine.”

Mike WheelerWheeler also wanted to continue to help as many people as possible.

“Growing up, I always wanted to be in public safety, but was unsure if I wanted to be a firefighter or police officer,” he says. “When I was younger, I had the privilege to get to know Officer Charlie Jones of the Noblesville Police Department. Watching him in action and seeing how he treated people made me want to ultimately become a police officer. Besides trying to follow in Charlie’s footsteps, my inspiration/motivation to become a police officer was to change the perception of police officers in the public eye. I believed if I went to work every day and was kind, compassionate, professional, fair, and displayed a high level of integrity, I would be doing my part to change that.”

Wheeler is currently assigned to the Days B squad of the Westfield Police Department as a patrol sergeant. He says the public can always find positive ways to help police officers.

“In an effort to help the police, the public can become or remain vigilant,” Wheeler says. “They can be aware of their surroundings. No one knows their street/neighborhood better than those who live there. If you see something out of the ordinary, call the police. If something doesn’t feel or seem right, it probably isn’t. Call us and let us investigate your concern.”

Wheeler loves his job.

“The thing I like best about being a police officer is helping those in need,” Wheeler says. “I thrive on making people’s lives better and safer. As police officers, we have a lot of freedom to do whatever type of law enforcement we feel benefits the community and people we serve. Interacting with the public and helping solve issues, criminal or personal, or community, is another awesome part of this job.”

When he isn’t working, Wheeler enjoys spending time with his family, including his wife, Kelsey Wheeler.

“We have a blended family of three daughters and a son,” he says. “We recently moved to Madison County, but I will always be a Miller at heart!”Mike Wheeler

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