Noblesville Dad of the Year: Brian VanBuskirk

Writer / Allison Yates
Photographer / Amy Payne

For Noblesville Dad of the Year Brian VanBuskirk, it’s not enough to cheer on and support his triplets, Madeline, Elizabeth and Veronica, who graduated from Noblesville High School this year. VanBuskirk has a strong passion for sports, and that, he says, means cheering for anyone.

Since relocating from Bloomington to Noblesville, VanBuskirk has been a supportive community member, coaching different sports such as youth baseball, announcing and being a dedicated spectator to local sporting events. As an all-around sports enthusiast, it’s hard to pick a favorite sport. For VanBuskirk, it’s about watching a game played to its highest level and seeing how the team utilizes strategy. But, he admits, he loves baseball because it has the most variability.

VanBuskirk’s enthusiasm and encouragement has made him a household name. He is a friend and cheerleader to all.

“I care about people I’ve never met,” he says.

According to his daughters, he knows everyone by name, and their entire school knows him. For VanBuskirk, his involvement stems from a genuine love of serving others.

“You’re blessed to see these kids grow and mature,” VanBuskirk says.

It’s not just around the community that VanBuskirk supports others, but he and his wife, Lori, have created a space in their home where their triplets and their friends can hang out. When weekends aren’t spent as a family going to see Chicago Cubs games or concerts, the VanBuskirks buy the kids pizza and soda and create an environment where they can have a fun and safe time.

VanBuskirk has been a YMCA sports coordinator, a physical education teacher and principal, but he is now the President of Aloha Beach Vacations, something that allows him to spend time with his family. He and Lori aim to support their daughters as much as they possibly can. They’ve certainly instilled in their daughters a sense of excellence. All three girls are gymnasts, and this year, all three were named academic all-state for gymnastics. VanBuskirk emphasizes that they are all three wonderful people.

“I don’t know how I could be any more proud of my girls,” he says.

VanBuskirk is thrilled to see his three girls go off to Bloomington next fall, where as a former resident he still has strong ties to the community. Each one of the girls has diverse aspirations, and with the support of their father, they’ll be encouraged to pursue them.

Through all of the support, encouragement and positive influence he gives the community, VanBuskirk remains humble.

“There’s nothing magical about me,” he says. “I just genuinely care about people.”

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  1. Keith says:

    Brian knowing your dad as well as I did all those years I’m not surprised at all by what you have accomplished congratulations. Keep up the good work Girls grandpa is very proud of you as well.

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