The Thin Line Spotlight: Four Local Firefighters Recognized for Their Commitment and Courageousness  

Writer / Matt Keating
Photography Provided

Four local female firefighters in the Noblesville Fire Department are being recognized for their courageous commitment to their community. Each has their own reasons why they enjoy their job.

Laura Piguet

“I started with The Noblesville Fire Department on April 5, 2004,” Piguet says. “I love being a firefighter, and I love that it’s a physical job and every day is completely different. You never know what you’re going to get when the tones drop. I enjoy helping people, and getting to have new experiences and learning new things. This is a jack-of-all-trades job. It also builds great camaraderie and lifelong friendships.”

Piguet has had memorable experiences as a firefighter.  Local Firefighters

“Being a part of the honor guard has lent itself to experiences that can give you great pride, and the ability to also honor those who have given their life in the fire service,” Piguet says. “Years ago I had the opportunity to be a part of the Steel Ride that escorted a large piece of the World Trade Center towers to Indianapolis from Richmond on motorcycles.”

Piguet also enjoys participating in community events.

“I’ve also boxed in Slugfest, representing Team Fire, and won,” Piguet says. “I also ran on the badge team for the mini marathon. I participated in Bop to the Top multiple times as a team in full gear, on the air. I did it with a few of my classmates and older firemen. We were the first ones to do it on the air in full gear almost 20 years ago, and we plan to do it again as the same group.”

Piguet adds that community events are a lot of fun.

“I also participate on the public safety softball tournament team, and the department volleyball and dodgeball teams,” Piguet says. “It’s all for special causes and charities.”

Piguet also enjoys helping people.

“As far as job-related experiences, I’ve had almost 20 years of helping people, whether fire or EMS, and also witnessing great tragedy,” Piguet says. “Being a paramedic has also lent itself to unique opportunities in my abilities to help the public. It has all shaped who I am today, from when I started. I can’t really talk about those experiences.”

Piguet also spent eight years at a swift water station where she operated boats, and was a swift water tech and a med diver for the dive team.

“I’ve always enjoyed the river, so being responsible for the boat response and swift water rescue was something I took pride in,” she says. “I’ve also been a paramedic preceptor for most of my career.”

Brittany BoldenLocal Firefighters

“I started with the Noblesville Fire Department in September of 2020,” Bolden says. “I like helping the citizens of Noblesville. I take pride in being the first responder they call for help, and I try to make their experience the best it can be in a bad situation.”

Bolden notes that she has had memorable experiences as a firefighter.

“My most memorable experiences I have come with EMS runs,” Bolden says. “Getting to know my patients has been very rewarding. Also, the team aspect of being stationed at a house with five people builds great friendships, and the people of the Noblesville Fire Department have become my family.”

Logan BuckLocal Firefighters

“I started at Noblesville Fire Department in February 2022,” Buck says. “My favorite part of being a firefighter is getting to live and work in a community of amazing people.”

Buck has a particular favorite memory.

“My most memorable experience as a firefighter was being able to rescue baby ducks from a storm drain,” Buck says.

Lauren AdairLocal Firefighters

Adair enjoys assisting Noblesville residents.

“I started at the Noblesville Fire Department in September 2020,” Adair says. “My favorite thing about being a firefighter is being able to help people in the community. I also enjoy that every shift is different. You never know what the day has in store.”

Adair has treasured her time with the department.

“There have been several memorable experiences, but one thing they all have in common is the bond that’s created with my fellow brothers and sisters,” Adair says. “Whether it’s been a good day or a rough day, we go through it together. The camaraderie that comes from that is unmatched.”

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