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A Lasting Impact: Noblesville Leader Named Inspire Awards Mentor Finalist

Writer / Matt Keating
Photographer / Brian Brosmer

It takes a strong leader to inspire kids to be more than they thought they could ever be. Just ask Scott Noel.

As one of only four finalists in the youth mentoring category of The College Mentors for Kids’ Inspire Awards program, Noel has been a solid mentor to several kids in Hamilton County. The Inspire Awards celebrate the efforts of remarkable individuals who have inspired excellence in the workplace and the community.

Noel earned his finalist award nomination for being a strong volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville over the last four years.

Erin Cosler, director of operations for College Mentors for Kids, said Scott’s commitment to mentoring has helped many young community members.

“Each year we seek to recognize and celebrate deserving mentors who are making a difference in their workplaces and community,” Cosler said. “As a result, our kids gain increased self-esteem, do better in school, and develop a vision for their futures that may not have been possible without a mentor in their life, and the mentors are inspired to continue to give back to their communities throughout their lives.”

Noel, sales manager of Sagamore Ready Mix Builders Concrete, certainly meets the requirements of giving back.

“It was great to just be recognized for the accomplishment and by my peers, and the great staff at the Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville,” Noel said.

Abigail Rinehart of the Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville, said Noel has coached teams within the youth basketball league and has served on the board of directors for four years. He has also served on various committees within the board and currently serves as Secretary of the Board.

“Scott has, in some way or fashion, always given his support to our club and the members,” Rinehart said. “His gift of mentoring this past year has made an impact that will last a lifetime. Scott stepped up this year and truly took the role of mentor and filled a void in one of our member’s lives.

“We had a boy named Dylan who has grown up with the club since the time he was six,” Rinehart added. “This past year, Dylan was a senior in high school and struggling to graduate due to unfortunate circumstances. He was a 17-year old homeless child who had a goal to receive his diploma, but he knew he would have to work to sustain a living.”

Rinehart said Dylan was prepared to drop out of high school. Instead, Noel stepped up and offered Dylan a job.

“Not only was it an opportunity most 17 year olds wouldn’t receive, it was a connection that Dylan had not had,” Rinehart said. “Scott took Dylan in and made sure he knew he would have to earn the right to work for them. He laid ground goals for Dylan and taught him the value of goal-setting and hard work.”

Noel formed the agreement with Dylan that he would be able to continue his work with Sagamore on the following conditions — he must graduate high school, sign up for college courses and show a strong work ethic.

“Although some people might see these requirements as a common sense formula for successful living, they were lessons absent from Dylan’s life,” Rinehart added. “Scott laying this foundation was out of Dylan’s element, but completely within his eagerness to learn. Dylan was a receptive apprentice, and grew to respect Scott as a mentor. Scott’s guidance and gentle discipline gave Dylan the motivation he had not carried prior to this opportunity.”

Noel noted that the Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville has made a big, positive difference in the lives of so many young people.

“Numerous people think the Boys & Girls Club is only for athletics,” Noel said. “The club offers after-school care, two dinners for the kids during the week, a snack, school break care, homework help and numerous other hope programs for parents. It allows for a safe place for any financial level, with a tremendous staff that truly cares about the kids.”

Some of Noel’s favorite memories are the responses he gets from the kids when he challenges them.

“I try to help them with their career path and their personal financial balance sheet,” he said. “When I see them pass a certification, or being responsible with their finances, I know it is working.”

Noel noted there are shortages of labor in all aspects of business right now and believes mentoring programs help tremendously.

“As business professionals, we have to find other ways to attract employees,” he said. “Mentoring can be one way of doing that, but it takes a commitment, and it takes time.”

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