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The love letter.  The pouring out of one’s heart to another.  A tradition that has been practiced for thousands of years. A message that drips with intent and passion for another sealed with a red lipstick kiss and tucked away in pocket or under a pillow for that special someone to find.    

Some of the earliest records of love letters can be found in the Bibles, Song of Solomon or in the ancient Indian text the Bhagavata Purana.  Every culture and creed seem to have some version of the love letter and humans of all ages could be the target of Cupid’s arrow. 

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Over the years these declarations of love have evolved.  The early renaissance produced verbose love letters written in elaborate penmanship.  Letters which would travel weeks or months before falling into their lovers’ hands.  Through the Victorian era love letters were not only meant for far away love but became an important part of courtship allowing lovers to share words too difficult to speak.  

In the 20th century men and women found themselves overseas as war blanketed the 1900’s. Love letters with an included photo, and stationary spritzed with perfume became a steadfast reminder of what was waiting at home.  

The 21st century brought about an explosion of technology which in turn transformed the traditional love letter. Emails with alluring subject lines and playful fonts replaced pages of handwritten words. Online dating sites like Skip da games have also become prevalent.

Today the love letter may come in many different forms.  A note passed in a high school classroom, a sweet text or a short “I Love You” scribbled on scrap paper and left by a made pot of coffee.  

It is remembering the shared moments and feelings with that special someone that drives us to expression. Though the traditional love letter may be less common today it is still a cherished way to bring about romance, shared memories and hoped for futures.  To write the words she’ll keep tucked away in a shoe box in her closet or think about as she plays with the ring on her finger.  Smiths Jewelers believes in your love story, and we would love to help you tell it.  

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