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Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics Opens Noblesville Office

Writer / Christy Heitger-Ewing
Photographer / Travis Hinkle

Gorman & BunchEver since he was young Jason Bunch was fascinated by the ability to change someone’s smile. So it came as no surprise when he grew up and studied dentistry and orthodontics. During his residency, he met Dr. J. Courtney Gorman, and the two became fast friends. When Bunch mentioned opening an orthodontic practice in 2006, Gorman suggested they join forces. 

“It was great because Dr. Gorman had a long family history in orthodontics,” Bunch says. “Plus, he was ahead of the curve offering Invisalign, as it hadn’t been around that long back then.”

Invisalign treatment, which includes a series of clear, removable, custom-made appliances that straighten teeth, remains one of the prime services provided at Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics, accounting for 50% of their patients. In fact, they are the number-one provider of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen in the state of Indiana. They are also one of the top 15 groups in the U.S. who do the most Invisalign work. Patients love it, not only due to the aesthetics, but also because of hygiene, since they can take trays out to brush and floss. This approach also involves fewer food restrictions than conventional orthodontics. Users can even eat healthy foods like raw vegetables and nuts. Invisalign is also user-friendly for athletes.

These days, nearly all patients are eligible for Invisalign if they want it.

“Ten years ago I would have said Invisalign is not always an option, but now 98% of the time it is,” Bunch says. 

The other great factor is that the price and treatment time for braces and Invisalign are the same. There used to be an upcharge for Invisalign, but no more.

“I didn’t want to build a barrier there,” Bunch says. “I wanted patients to know what our goal was, tell them the pros of each tool, and let them make a decision based solely on what fit them and their family the best, not based on the investment of treatment.”

Gorman & BunchAlthough orthodontics is rapidly changing, Gorman and Bunch’s practice has been offering digital imaging technology for years. This means they do 3D teeth scanning as well as 3D printing, with a lab on-site so that they can custom-make everything their patients need, including retainers.

“We don’t do any impressions in the office and haven’t for years,” Bunch says. “The 3D scans and 3D printers make orthodontics so much more accurate and less gooey. It’s been a game changer.”

Though the pair owns multiple orthodontic locations throughout Hamilton County and central Indiana, the Noblesville office, which is Bunch’s home base, just recently moved from across the street into their new facility in Noblesville and have been serving the area for 16 years.

“We are all about the patient experience and part of that is having the doctor there that they’re used to seeing,” says Bunch, a Noblesville resident. “We were eager to open a practice here because 146th Street is such a thoroughfare. We wanted to be centrally located and still have easy access.”

The architectural firm Progress Studio along with the interior design group at McGee Designhouse have done a lovely job of creating an inviting atmosphere for Gorman and Bunch’s patients. Those patients range in age from children to adults.

They start seeing children by around age 7 in order to monitor growth and development, and see if there is any early interceptive treatment needed.

“We call it Phase One treatment where we do the orthopedic orthodontics, which is expansion, guided jaw growth and things like that,” Bunch says. “Then we watch them.”

They do more comprehensive orthodontics in pre-teens and teens, focusing on either braces or Invisalign. Adult patients may require Invisalign or braces, but they also sometimes take on multidisciplinary cases when patients may need implants or restorative work. As a result, Gorman and Bunch work with a team of other specialists to coordinate those efforts, to give patients the best result.

According to Bunch, young professionals and adults are the fastest-growing segment of orthodontic patients. Some were treated as teens but didn’t wear their retainers, so these patients are considered a “re-treat.” Other times parents come in with their kids who are patients and see the change in technology, which prompts them to seek treatment themselves. Still others have always wanted treatment but their families were unable to afford it. Now, as adults, they are finally able to swing it financially. Then there are the young professionals who see themselves on Zoom calls or in selfies and decide they want to straighten their teeth. 

Gorman & Bunch“Believe it or not, pictures are a big thing because people notice things that maybe they wouldn’t if they were just looking in the mirror,” says Bunch, who has a wife, Lindsay, and two sons, Cash and Luke. Gorman and his wife, Cindy, have three children, Tripp, Chelsea and Grace. Gorman and Bunch are committed to giving back to the community so they frequently sponsor local businesses, foundations and programs, particularly in schools. They also started Stats 4 Smiles, which provides scholarships for patients in need of orthodontic treatment who cannot afford it. 

Bunch and Gorman are grateful to their highly trained, friendly, dedicated team for their devotion to patients.

“Our staff is who keeps the whole thing going,” Bunch says. “They have such great relationships with our patients. In fact, that’s one of the most fun parts for me to see. I get to watch some of these kids whom I treated early on grow up and graduate college. We get to know these people because we don’t see them twice a year, but every six to 12 weeks for several years.”

One parent who has had two children receive orthodontic treatments at Gorman & Bunch notes that Bunch makes sure everything is done to his high level of satisfaction. Another parent is impressed by the team’s bubbly personalities and thorough treatment style.

“They make sure everyone involved understands the treatment plan,” she says. “They go above and beyond to welcome new patients to the office. They have the patients’ names on display with a big welcome sign, and on departure, give out fresh cookies. At Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics, they know how to put a smile on your face.”

Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics is located at 5594 East 146th Street, Suite 220 in Noblesville. For more information or to schedule a free “smile assessment,” call or text 317-815-9310, or visit gormanbunch.com.

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