Fifteen Minutes of Fame for The Ville Restaurant

Local American Cuisine Stars on Reality TV

Writer / Janet Gilray

In a 1968 exhibition of his work in Stockholm, Sweden, artist Andy Warhol commented that in the future, everyone would be world-famous— for 15 minutes.

After being chosen for a feature by the Food Network on first time restaurant owners, Raquel and Keith Brooks would have enjoyed almost twice that — if not for the commercials in half hour show.

And, while the fame didn’t quite reach around the world, it did stretch well beyond Noblesville’s courthouse square.

So what did they learn from the show?16017882052_f3db6bdb70_z

“I learned that a whole week’s worth of filming can be condensed into a little more than 15 minutes!” said Raquel, the founder and managing partner of the Ville’s parent company Special Occasions Catering, LLC. “The footage the producers used was actually just 20-30 minutes counting the commercials. Seriously though, we learned so much from our host (Keith Simpson), and most importantly, it confirmed Noblesville is a great place to open a business!”

Raquel’s partner and husband, Keith, is a classically trained chef. Known by many as the former chef at both Purgatory and Prairie View Golf Courses, Keith has a lifetime in catering and even interned under Emeril Lagasse at the Commander’s Palace in New Orleans.

“At the heart of the matter, both Raquel and I have discovered that national recognition will never, ever come close to the daily pleasure of making new friends, and seeing old friends from over the years, come to The Ville, so we can serve them food we love to prepare,” Keith said.

Though the owners weren’t paid to be on the show, they consider the national exposure for the historical, vibrant Central Square to be priceless; not only the restaurant but for the overall business community. They hope viewers who saw the show will come see the completed remodel of their 10th and Logan Street location, that was going on as the show was being filmed.

“We invite the community to come see our beautiful new interior,” Raquel said. “We are in a glorious, historical building, one block from the town square. This corner has long enjoyed being home to a restaurant. We know, many miss the retired owner, but times do move on. Please come see our renovated space and make new memories with us.”

15398943393_5f7a500531_zSince the Food Network aired the feature on The Ville, a grand opening was held in late autumn, after which Raquel and Keith have continued to focus on growing their business, market the mezzanine private event space, broaden community awareness and support local artists with dedicated gallery space. The main dining room features paintings by Gabriel Lehman. The mezzanine features artwork by students of Noble Crossing Elementary. Plans are in the making for musical entertainment on the lines of an open mic night, perhaps in early 2015.

The Ville has an American themed menu which also includes New Orleans cuisine and specially created vegetarian dishes. Open for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch buffet, telephone and website reservations are accepted.

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  1. angie says:

    The Ville is definitely a place to enjoy fine food and great service.

  2. Dixie Ihnat says:

    We gave been enjoying the Ville Sunday brunch for several weeks. Our children and grandchildren have loved going there. The food, the renovation on the building and the artwork are excellent. Be sure to meet the owners and staff while you are enjoying dining there. We plan to visit again for dinner. It is well worth the time to check out the Ville in historic downtown Noblesville.

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